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RRBBS++ (thanks to VolodyAnarchist for the name suggestion) is RRBBS' free blogging service. Working in conjunction with the Bulletin Board, posts that are created by our users can be "blogged" to a user's own blog page.

WHAT IS A BLOG? Short for "Web log," it is essentially an online diary, open for view by the public. It is a very simple way to present your views on various topics in a very easy-to-view format.

HOW DO I START? With your free registration to RRBBS, your blog will have an URL of You select "yourchoiceofname" when you register as a new user (free). ALlow 1-2 working days for your URL to function properly. Until then, you can preview your blog at the web address, where "yourusernumber" is your account number. Your account number can be located in your member profile (see the Edit Statistics Page, in the alternative).

BUT I WANT MY OWN DOMAIN NAME! AND I WANT TO BE ABLE TO MAKE A BETTER LOOKING BLOG PAGE! Cool. Keep reading below. $75 for the year gives you your requested domain name (if it is not already taken when we attempt to register it for you) for one year. Your RRBBS++ Blog will appear when someone goes to that domain name. Additionally, you will have full capability to design your blog as you wish. We have built-in commands that we will provide you once you register. You will be able to enter the standard HTML (with special commands) on the "edit your blog" page once you have made payment. The fee covers a personalized RRBBS++ blog for one year.

HOW DO I MAKE ADDITIONS TO MY BLOG? To the right of each message stored in RRBBS, there is a link that says "Blogit!." As soon as you click this link, that message is automatically included in your blog.

So, if you wanted to post a message on your own blog, you do the following. Post a message in the applicable message area that relates to the subject matter of your message. If the content of your message can't be placed in any of the categories, I hope that you will use the "Blogger's Corner" message area. When you see your posted message, click the "Blogit" link next to that message, and -- voila -- it will be on your blog page.

HOW DO I CONFIGURE MY BLOG? You can edit the colors and fonts in your blog by editing your Blog Configuration. Enter your Edit Statistics page (the link can be found at the top of the page when you are within the RRBBS message areas). There will be a link to "Blog Configuration." Click that link, and you will be able to personalize the standard RRBBS++ blog page structure.

HOW DO I DELETE MESSAGES IN MY BLOG? There is a link that will only be visible to you on your own blog that says "Delete." Click this link from within the message (on your blog page, and not from within RRBBS) that you want to remove. It will be removed.

WHY IS THE BLOG SYSTEM HERE FREE? My purpose is to increase the size of the RRBBS community so it becomes an educational and provocative place to hang your hat on the internet. As I am not all that interesting on my own, I rely on others. On a serious note, as you advertise your free blog to your family and friends, they learn about this site... and, just maybe, they might start their own RRBBS++ blog.

CAN I SYNDICATE MY BLOG? Yes. I am still experimenting with this, and if there is a larger demand, I will work on expanding this. For now, an RSS file is created for you at whenever you update your blog. It is a very barebones syndication file (for now), but it works very nicely using the various syndication programs like Pluck.

I DON'T LIKE THE STRUCTURE OF YOUR BLOG SYSTEM! Understandable. It is certainly bare bones. If you decide to purchase any of the premiere packages ( or your own domain name), you will have the ability to create your own site structure. See and for alternative structure examples.

To request a specialized blog page at your own domain ( for a $75 fee for a year (including one year domain registration), click the button at right. Then, email Rob with your requested domain name. PLEASE NOTE: your requested domain name may not be available.

DO YOU HAVE ANY BLOG IDEAS ON THE BACKBURNER? ARE YOU OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS? A more enhanced archive system, a "category" system, and enhanced syndication features are in my plans. I am absolutely open to suggestions to improve this service. Admittedly, I am a "blogging" novice. I have never used any of the existing blog services on the Internet. If you're thinking of making a switch but wished RRBBS++ had a feature that it currently doesn't, please suggest the feature and I'll try to add it.

Thanks for reading. Any questions, just give me a holler.

Rob Reed
15501 San Fernando Mission Blvd., Suite 311
Mission Hills, CA 91345
(818) 365-6445

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