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  About RRBBS

BBS, for those who don't know, is the acronym for Bulletin Board System. I am from the "old school" days of BBS'ing via 300 baud modem to another local computer, watching messages scroll by the screen at about three miles an hour.

I loved those days... I loved the discussions related to politics, entertainment, cooking, music, etc., etc... so much so, I ran my own Bulletin Boards. Blood's Bizarre from (1987) which evolved into The Slate (yes, way before Microsoft, from 1994-1998). "Slate" stood for Sports, Law And Tons of Everything. Blood's Bizarre was run on a Commodore 64, using EBBS software. The Slate was run on an IBM AT (286) using EBBS-PC (EBBS was by Ed Parry; an amazing bit of programming).

The Slate essentially migrated to the web in 1999 with my first skeleton of this software. In November of 2002, I severely modded the previous incarnation of this software... and continue to modify it until I am completely satisfied (may be a never-ending process).

In the end, I've designed this web-based bulletin board with the intention of reliving those past days... structuring the system very much like the 80's BBS, but with web-based features that I would have loved to have been able to use (primarily point and click navigation).

The BBS world does still live, primarily in the form of the "Web Log" or "Blog." While these are interesting, I don't like the "one-dimensional" aspect. It is so much more interesting, in my view, to have a "blog-like" system that FEATURES many people, rather than a single person with the viewers/users of the blog merely appearing in "Comments." I am not so sure that because of the "Featured Post" component of this site if it can truly be called a "Blog." How about a Group Log or "Glog?"

Um, no.

In any event, some FYIS:

I have programmed RRBBS in Perl. I wouldn't do it any other way. Fewer bells and whistles == a shorter load time.
I am a Personal Injury/Workers Comp attorney in Los Angeles, CA.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope that you will become a member of our little online community.

Comments, critiques, bug reports, and suggestions are not only welcomed, but they are appreciated.

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