Tormented Valley Alaska, British Columbia and Yukon Territories (Alaska TR)

Original Message posted by Robert Jones, 3/19/06, 12:08am

Thanks to Imageshack for hosting...All Photos Copyright 2005 Robert B. Jones

Reply posted by Larry Levy, 3/19/06, 4:11pm

Wow!!! Amazing shots.

Reply posted by Robert Jones, 3/19/06, 9:26pm

Looking at it reminds me of The Lord of The Rings and Frodo's journeys into Mordor.

Reply posted by Carol, 3/20/06, 10:32am

Beautiful :) Especially loved the aspen (or birch?) photos!

Reply posted by murphy brown, 3/20/06, 9:15pm

A terrific group of pics Robert. As always thanks for sharing.

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