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Welcome New User!

RRBBS is a Community Bulletin Board and Blogging Community. Once you register here, you will automatically have your own blog at the following address:

yourname.rrbbs.com **

... and it's FREE! We offer Premium Plans, where you get web space for uploading pictures, etc. and where your blog can appear on your own domain name (i.e., yourname.com). For more information on the Premium Plans, see this page.

Please enter the following information. You will be provided with an access code via e-mail. Use the link in the e-mail to validate your account. When you are finished with this form, you should receive the validation e-mail within 5 (five) minutes.

If you do not receive the validation in your e-mail, then you most likely did not provide us with an accurate e-mail address.

"Handles" or pseudonyms are fine so long as we receive an accurate e-mail address.

The "Graphic Link" is requesting a 70x70 pixel .GIF or .JPG graphic that will be displayed with your posts. Offensive or inappropriate graphics may be cause for deletion from the system. We recommend a pic of yourself. If you do not have an online pic, or if you choose not to have one on display, simply leave the "Graphic Link" field blank.

** Allow 1-2 working days for yourname.rrbbs.com to work with your blog. Until it is configured, your blog can be viewed at www.rrbbs.com/cgi-bin/bbs/userblogs.pl?yourusernumber.

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