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Robert Jones  
Of Kingfishers and Coyotes
1/11/09, 2:57pm (Last Edited: 1/11/09, 3:36pm)
Photo below was taken of a coyote seen a few years back

Just sitting here contemplating life in general and how petty any issues I might face at the moment seem to be in light of what others are having to deal with. I am sitting at the computer watching as overcast dreary weather seems to be moving in. A belted kingfisher is sitting on his familiar perch on a boathouse in the backyard. I have never been able to get close enough to it for a quality photo. I see him often. Funny how I go across country and get photographs of all kind of fabulous animals and this little belted kingfisher practically lives in my backyard and I can’t seem to get a good photo of it.

I was reminiscing too about coyotes. I discussed my first ever encounter with coyotes in chat the other night. It was the early to mid 1980’s. I was bow hunting on my grandmother’s farm in central Georgia and was camouflaged and stalking a pine grove. As I eased along, I took a knee concealed amongst vegetation on the edge of a small grassy clearing, basically a grassy opening amongst the pines. Suddenly I noticed movement off across the clearing in the pines. Two coyotes eased up to the edge of the clearing opposite me. I still remember how their coats seem to shine and how their eyes seem to have a fire within. I was breathing hard…heart beating fast from the adrenaline rush of the moment. I was hoping that they could not hear my breathing or my heart rush. I was overwhelmed by the intense beauty of the animals. They paused…..looked briefly at each other the lead coyote seemed to scan ahead while the trail coyote looked back behind them, tongue lolling. The lead coyote tested the wind and moved off across the clearing to my left followed by the trail animal to its left and as quick as they were there, they were gone. The encounter was at a distance of perhaps 20 yards and maybe lasted 2 or three minutes total … if that … maybe even 30 to 45 seconds. Time seemed to stand still while they were there. I could see so much detail in the animals and I was overwhelmed by their beauty.

I had heard and read that coyote populations were spreading eastward but to my knowledge nobody had encountered them in my area at that time. They seemed to be established in that area from that point forward and you could hear their howls in the evening and at other times too. Other people began having sightings of them and they have been there ever since. In those days I was in high school and seemed to spend every hour of daylight that I was not at school wandering in the woods. I was just reminiscing and I thought I’d share.

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