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Marie Reed  
Mom Indicted for Hiring Stripper for Son
5/29/05, 1:39am (Last Edited: 5/29/05, 1:46am)
It was a 16th birthday gift from a mother who wanted to do something special for her son. The mother probably wanted to do something to embarrass her son and his friends. In my opinion, since there was parental guidance and the mother was there taking pictures, I think it was harmless.


In high school, a girlfriend of mine was given a surprise 16th birthday party at her house, and I wondered why there were only girls who were invited. After surprising the birthday girl and about an hour into the party, there was a knock at the door. It was a GORGEOUS police officer who said that there was a report of loud noises and disturbance by the neighbors. He came into the house and looked at us with great authority. So very innocent, we 16-year-old girls were confused and scared. And then... the music started!! The officer started to dance and take his clothes off!! We all started screaming and giggling. Can you just imagine this???

Then, we all formed a circle around the so-called officer while he threw his clothes at us. When he got down to his boxers, we thought he was done. NOT! He ripped off his boxers (we screamed even louder!), and he revealed his black G-string. We were stunned at the enormous "bulge"! I remember sweating at this point!

So, I thought the stripping was all done. You can just picture the reaction of teenaged girls when the "officer" reached into his G-string to pull out... are you ready?... a string of SUCKERS of various colors! He gave each one of us a sucker. I can't recollect what color I got.

After the "suckers" event (and yes, we kinda felt like suckers), the birthday girl got a nice lap dance by Officer Gorgeous.

As you already know, I will NEVER forget about that party.

My friend's parents, who threw the party, were there to supervise. The party was fun and harmless... and HOT!

The party was the topic of conversation at school for weeks! It was GREAT!

Aaahhhh... the good ole days.

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