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7/25/05, 6:22am
So after watching THE TOUR (Go Lance Go!) on OLN, I saw this commercial for this BBQ cook off. Interesting show...they bring in two "pros" and one amateur team to compete in a BBQ contest.

Beforehand, they don't know the meat and they don't know what they will be cooking on.

Well, to get to the point, on one of these contests, the meat was beef brisket. Now, I love brisket so I watched this one closely. The amateurs did what I would have done..put some wood in the BBQ and smoke it for a few hours with a rub on the outside.

But...the two pros did something very different..they used an INJECTOR! Now I have to admit that I have never been a fan of using the things. (If you have never seen one, they are like a HUGE hypo needle that is used to inject liquid into a meat.) But hey, these guys are "pros", so let's see what happens.

BTW, the amateurs put their meat on the heat for something like 12 hours, one of the pros did like 10 hours and the other pro did like 6 hours. Different heat levels on all three.

The judges were also "pros", (not some celebs that liked to eat), and they said that all three were cooked just fine (not under or over done), but, they said that the amateur's meat didn't have enough flavor..said it was bland. Of the two pros, they liked one over the other based on what they had injected! (One had put in a bit of apple juice and the judges said that it over-powered the meat taste.)

So the point is...I need an injector to try with my brisket! I may hate it after I am done, but after watching this show...I am convinced that I have to at least give it a try! Anybody have one of these that they have tried?

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