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Hike to the most romantic waterfall
6/1/08, 9:15pm

Well, most waterfalls you can argue conjure up romance, but this one more so than any other I've ever seen and will likely see again. This is a relatively small waterfall along Seeley Creek in the San Bernardino Mountains. It only drops about 25 feet or so and the scenery is typical for the area, mid-elevation mixed conifer and hardwood forest. But the large naturally formed heart shaped hollow beside the waterfall is special indeed. Todd and I hiked the mile or so down to the waterfall today. The day was absolutely beautiful, sunny, about 70 degrees, and breezy. We saw just a couple of other people out on the trail and the flowers were blooming and the trail along the creek was a fun one. We also saw some amazing gnarled and ancient oak trees down there. Anyway, we had a great time and shared a few romantic moments because, well, the place called for it I think

The mountains are calling and I must go. ~ John Muir ~ www.tarol.com

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