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To my In-Laws: Thanks for almost nothing
12/28/06, 12:08pm
Here's a public "thumbs up" for Hubby's parents.

We asked them to keep Christmas low-key this year as we traveled to visit them. They actually managed to get only one present each for HoneyT and R-guy.

Know what happened? HoneyT has played with her new baby stroller for 3 solid days. Her infinite imagination has dreamed up thousands of scenarios for her and her baby doll.

R-guy has spent the last 3 days saving the universe with his purple Star Wars light saber. Sure, he had 3 or 4 other light sabers, but this purple one has re-ignited his infinite imagination.

I remember from my own childhood the endless gifts from Santa, mom and dad, and grandparents. Gifts filled the living room and it took us from the crack of dawn until well after noon to open everything.

After each present, I would think, "THIS one will be the one that makes me happy." And at the end of the day, I still didn't feel satiated. I never felt sad, exactly, but rather unquenched.

It's because of the excess. With each added present, the value of any one present decreased.

Sometimes, less really IS more. My kids are happy with their toys, and I am so, so happy with my in-laws.

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