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Indispensable blogs on adoption
4/3/07, 10:50am
Last November, Marie and I decided to stop adoptblog because the adoption blogosphere climate had gotten way too uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are some very valuable ones out there.

If you are considering adoption, I encourage you to read from the perspective of adoptees and natural mothers.

Unfortunately, there are some disrecpectful ones out there, so the purpose of this one and only blog entry at adoptblog.com will be to separate the valuable wheat from the offensive chaff of adoptee and natural mother blogs.

Here are must-reads (will be updated on a continual basis)...

Heart, Mind and Soul by Paula O.

The absolute best blog out there because it comes from the perspective of an adoptee who has also adopted -- so, she posts with a balanced perspective that is wholly lacking in the adoption blogosphere. Paula O. was adopted internationally from Korea. She does not know who her natural parents are.


The best natural mother blog out there, as far as I am concerned. She is honest and, therefore, sometimes scathing... but (it seems to me) she is always respectful to all parties involved in the adoption circle. She is in an open adoption.

Read this, and you'll get the primary gist of what I am talking about...


(to be continued)

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