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Rob Reed  
3/16/06, 9:11am
I may not have mentioned, but we lost our latest social worker. The previous social worker, who left the agency -- the one who was assigned to us at the start, but who was on maternity leave -- is now our social worker again.

The strange thing is that I have been attending a weekly Alpha religious discussion group at the church where I play in the band. The group prayed for me and Marie this particular night that we would have a successful adoption soon. It was very touching and very nice.

So, I come home to a letter that very night saying we have been reassigned the previous social worker who we weren't completely happy with (mainly because we never met her and weren't sure we were even known by her). We were a bit disgruntled.

In any event, this was about three weeks ago.

Yesterday, we got a call from our new (previously, well, "previous") social worker yesterday. There is a 21-year old birth mother, and we were asked if we would like to be seen by her.

The caveat? She doesn't want the baby (who is likely a boy from the ultrasound) to be circumcised. Apparently, she had never heard of this before, and she thinks it is barbaric.

As you can imagine, I was immediately clued in. "So she is new to the country?" I asked. "Yes. She is from Mexico." How weird is that that she had never heard of circumcision?

The long and short: she does not want openness. She does not want meetings. She already has an 18 month old, and she cannot afford this baby.

I forgot to ask when she was due, but I do know she will be looking at profiles on Monday.

Our chances are slim because she wants a "Catholic family" to raise the baby... and the reason the circumcision issue was asked is because I am Jewish.

I started to talk about my newfound openness to Christianity (because of my work with a local church) -- this is probably news to my family, so sorry for springing this on you here...

I went so far as to suggest that we update our birth mother letter before Monday so that this new birth mother could have this information.

However, I got the feeling that our social worker was thinking that I was doing this on purpose, so we would have a better chance of getting chosen. So, Marie and I decided to just go in as we are. If I make a drastic religious decision to get baptised, only then would we update the letter.

Well, this is about it. We are pretty certain that we don't have any chance at all because of her Catholic limitation and her view that, as a Jew, I am a believer in the barbaric chopping of her baby's penis.

Anyway, Marie and I laughed when we got off the phone. She said: "It is so funny how we are just like 'Oh...' now. This kind of news used to get us so excited."

And, it is true. The emotional scar of pending adoption is getting a little thicker and number lately.

"Treat the Earth not as if it was given to you by your parents, but as if it was lent to you by your children." - Kenyan Proverb

"The power of accurate observation is often called cynicism by those that do not have it." - George Bernard Shaw

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Rob Reed
Re: Latest
3/16/06, 7:11pm
Keep us posted. I'm thinking of you...you barbarian

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