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“Brilliant Debut”
4/3/06, 9:13am (Last Edited: 4/10/06, 11:38am)
The most popular song that day is U2’s “Beautiful Day.” And the front page, top-of-the-fold headline in the Rocky Mountain News is “Brilliant Debut.” It may be referring to the Rockies’ season opener, but for us it will always be about our first child’s birth.

Crystal allows us to be in the delivery room with her. I get to “help” by holding a leg, and Hubby does double-duty by videotaping and one other important thing.

I had never been present at a birth before, and I am so grateful to Crystal for allowing us witness this miracle. As the baby crowns, the first thing I see is a ridge on top of a head – which brings to mind a Klingon. Come to think of it, we don’t know much about the birthfather. Could we love a baby with a ridge on its head?

Turns out that the ridge is just the umbilical cord, and within seconds we see that the baby is very teeny and well-formed and gooey and ohmygod – IT’S A GIRL! At 2:45 am, Hubby completes his second duty by cutting the cord. The nurses whisk the baby away to another table to assess her health. I am already proud because she earns a 9/10 on her first test, something called an Apgar. She cries, but not too much.

Hubby and I are mesmerized by this baby girl (we can’t bring ourselves to call her our daughter yet), but we are also pulled to attend to Crystal. The doctors are cleaning her up from a fairly easy delivery. She insists we hold the baby first. After all, she says, we are the parents.

We invite my family back in to meet the baby, and we all coo over her. Crystal has picked the name Savannah, but she insists we choose the name. We’ve chosen a very unique name that will go down in this blog as HoneyT. Crystal is happy because a ‘T’ name goes with her son’s name, Tyler.

Crystal holds the baby, and she and her mom marvel at the small wonder, too. This is a very strange time for me, because I really don’t feel like a mom. I defer in many ways to Crystal, who seems light-years ahead of me in the Mom Department.

The nurse shows me how to feed HoneyT. And how to burp her. Hubby is a bit jealous because everyone says HoneyT’s burps are cute, while he gets dirty looks when he does the exact same thing!

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