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Rob Reed  
Glass houses
8/14/06, 12:17pm
The evil character of some people never ceases to amaze me. I try and find the good in all, and I always start with a benefit of the doubt.

So, Marie and I were at a family function yesterday. One of Marie's relatives sees her and starts rubbing her tummy and saying in an accusatory tone: "Nothing yet?"

Marie is used to this. It happens often... even among those who KNOW our fertility issues.

So, she responded with that beautiful smile of hers: "Nope, not yet!" (certainly this is a shorter version of the potentially hour long response if the questioner really wanted details).

This relative says in Tagalog: "Weak," and she walked away.


This same relative is easily (and liberally) in her late forties. No husband ever. No children, believe it or not.

And, Marie had an easy comeback as a result.

But she didn't use it.

And, that is yet another of the hundreds of reasons why I love her.

On the adoption front, we updated our profiles recently (in the religion boxes, of course) , but no news to report since the last.

A special hello to our new friends that we met and had dinner with at the Claim Jumper in Valencia a few months ago. They are also adopting from HFS (even more frustrated than we are with HFS right now, I think)... no names for fear of reprisals.

We had a great time with you two, and it is one of the special GOOD results of having this blog. Hope things are working out better for you with the adoption since we last were in contact.

"Treat the Earth not as if it was given to you by your parents, but as if it was lent to you by your children." - Kenyan Proverb

"The power of accurate observation is often called cynicism by those that do not have it." - George Bernard Shaw

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