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Robert Reed  
Jeannine Pirro vs Mz. Hillary, New York, please do the 'right thing', and 'save us'.
8/9/05, 2:12am (Last Edited: 8/9/05, 4:15am)
Jeannine Pirro is running for the New York senate, NOT the Presidency,her opponent Hillary clinton is running for the Presidency NOT the senate, but as is her nature she is DISHONEST as usual, running for BOTH.

New York state is in economic shambles, perhaps more due to Pataki,(some would say George Steinbrenner, actually I think Gary Sheffield had a "hand in it"), who spent too much of his governorship supporting the Terror organisation known as the I.R.A, (because at the time it was popular in his constituency) to do so, post 9/11 America "wakes up", and the I.R.A. is "out of favour", especially since I.R.A terrorist sympathisers in the U.S. can no longer get away with it, ESPECIALLY when the ONE country the U.S. can count on, namely Gt. Britain, is the country being terrorised by "Irish Terrorist Thugs", with it's "chief fundraisers emanating from the U.S.

If Hillary Rodham gets re-elected, she then spends 2 years running for the Presidency, how dishonest.
Why spend 30-40 million running for an office you intend to vacate??.

In 1990 she said Bill SHOULD NOT run for re-election as Arkansas Governor, since he had commited to run for the Presidency 2 years hence, (O'K, she did not say Hence), since it would be "DISHONEST"., ( compared to Hillary, Bill was a VERY nice guy)., now that does not necessarily mean that I believe that Bill is deserving of a sainthood nor a "guest appearence" in a Billy Graham crusade, ( I hear Jim Bakker is back practising grand larceny, Bill could audition for a "role" there,) anyway compared to Hillary, ANYONE would be "a nice guy".
( whilst on the subject of Bill, I recently heard about a new enterprise in Little Rock, (true story)--- seems they named a street after Bill, namely Clinton Ave.) at least I think it was named after Bill, (would be too coincidental otherwise), anyway a new business opened up recently, a Cigar shop, the owner named the place "Monicas on Clinton"., now I am not sure if Cigar stores have done well of late , if ever, but this fellow deserves " a toke or two".)

Of course Mz. H. clinton may very well "pull out" , if the polls indicate her presidential aspirations would be hurt.

If the polls are close, I predict she does just that.
My hope is "she stays in the race", Pirro "whoops her arse", and thereby "saves us all", allah willing.

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