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1/30/06, 5:57am
Something is just WRONG with here!

I am doing my morning "read around the world" thing, and I see this article in The Sun. The point, I think, of the article is to bitch about a junket to Disneyworld..but there is something just WRONG about this junket and what they are planning on "learning"...Here is an excerpt

from: http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2006040740,00.

JOHN Prescott has sent his staff on a Disneyworld jaunt — to learn to squeeze more cash from taxpayers.

Next month’s freebie to the sunny Florida home of Mickey Mouse includes a conference on how to increase council tax bills.

Deputy PM Prezza plans to snoop on homes to spot improvements, like conservatories, to hit people with higher bills.

While in Orlando — now basking in temperatures of 80°F — officials of the Valuation Office Agency will learn how to use spy-in-the-sky aerial photography for ‘mass appraisal’ of homes for local taxes.

They are here to learn..from US!! So..does that mean that these measures.."snoop on homes" and "spy-in-the-sky" are being used..on US?? TODAY?

I mean..I am all for collecting the due taxes for social needs and fairness...but to SPY on US...to look down at US and our homes to see..well..they SAY to see if we have built a "bonus" room on onto our homes without a permet...but..do you believe that? Do you believe that a close up picture of YOUR home is going to be used for ONLY that purpose?

Are you...like me...starting to wonder about Orwell's "1984" viewscreeen, where the tv looks BACK?

"In the name of security"......?

This is getting scary to me! You?

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