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Holy Cow...or Rather Holy Richard Gere
4/18/07, 12:16pm (Last Edited: 4/18/07, 12:37pm)

Hindu nationalists are burning Richard Gere in effigy because of his over-affectionate behavior toward a popular Bollywood actress.

I watched the video showing Gere speaking sexual phrases in English and Hindu with curiosity. What's happening to celebrities?

Gere has for over 25 years been a strong advocate and spokeman for the Tibetan causes. Now at least three attorneys have filed suit over this. Maybe Gere should have known better after being around this culture for so long. Maybe he was drunk, is that an excuse ever? Better the "Twinkie Defense"

He grabbed the beautiful spokeswomen and pawed her and dipped her over American dance style. Maybe he thought he was being funny. Our American humor sometimes forgets the respect of foreign cultures.

They were not only burning stuffed images of Gere, but photos of the woman. She, out of shock and embarassement laughed. She couldn't have stopped or predicted what he would do... I wonder if she is in danger. Hope not.

Our celebes need to be educated in more diplomacy abroad, me thinks.

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