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Mike Reed  
Sicko a Must see for everyone
7/8/07, 12:19pm

SICKO --- a must see for everyone!!!!

I saw this movie last night and I believe it ranks right up there with "Roger and Me". This movie is a must see for everyone. Whether republican, democrat, religious, non-religious this topic affects all of us.

Before seeing the movie I watched a fox news update about universal healthcare on youtube. Good old fox news was having guests on who say that Universal Healthcare is exactly what the Terrorists want...

No no no no, I must have been mistaken, what did you say? But nope, just go to youtube and look up fox news and universal healthcare, and you will find people saying that arab doctors terrorists will infiltrate the united states through its universal healthcare system. As if they don't already infiltrate the united states in a zillion different ways

(Hop the fence on the border, diplomatic immunity, visiting family, working visas, internet recruiting of domestic people, paying off insiders to get them into the country, sailing a boat from another country ect...)

There is a reason that "big business" and "big government" don't want you to see this video. It will destroy both of them.

But not completely, just in the private sector of medical insurance. But why would we be mad at medical insurers???? They are good people always trying to help us right...

Like many good souls up here (I say soul not in a religious context but a spiritual something happens to the life force in your body when you die but I will not begin to try to understand because its not possible to do so context) =) hwooo take a breath

Anyway, like many good souls up in Humboldt county, I met a woman outside of the theater last night who was fired up after seeing the movie. She wanted to rally people, march in the streets and demand that the US change its policy and give universal health care.

I understood her passion, but I simply explained to her that its going to have to take one man or woman as it did in Canada. We need a great charismatic figure to step in and lead the way. He has to be loved by the nation to pressure other politicians to follow his or her lead in providing universal healthcare. (

Politicians go where the votes are) If a figure can rise up and gain so much popularity in wanting to do this, a politician would be an idiot to appose them.

I was a bit pessimistic to this woman about the US people rising up. My words to her were that frankly I don;t think it will happen. Most Americans care mostly just about themselves and the ones around them. Its a right that they love as Americans.

With 250 mil out of 300 mil with health care,

(most paying out of their ass but they still have it, or working a job they hate just because it gives them benefits)

they don;t care very much about others who don;t have it, or the ones who have it but not for serious ailments. Yes a lot of us have this nature to do good once in a while to make ourselves feel good, or to help make a difference, but just look at the protesting of the IRAQ war. Hundreds of thousands in this country marched. Maybe a million.

Thats it???? A country of 300 million and we got maybe .33 % of the population out to protest a war that had nothing to do with why we were attacked. Not even 1 percent!!!!

You might say well the country was told Iraq had ties. Who told you that? the media? the president? vice president?

DO you ever think for yourself? ever pick up a book?

If I told you Iran is stockpiling weapons, wouldn't you want to see hard core evidence so the US doesn't throw the world into another war.

So many innocent lives Iraqi, bitish, canadian, u.s. have been lost because of false reasons, "the war on terror which can never be won" and spreading freedom and democracy.

If you were given freedom and democracy from the end of the barrel of as gun, wouldn't you be pretty ticked off. Whats the difference between a dictator that tells you what you can and can't do, and a foreign nation who comes into a sovereign nation (brutal sovereign nation but still sovereign) and says you have to have democracy because that is the best way and all of you secretly want it?

Who is the dictator now??

Anyway I'm skeptic that the majority (not all) US citizens have the will and the knowledge to march and stand up for what is right. YOu don;t have to march, but you do have to vote.

A turn out in federal elections with less than 40% of the people registered to vote actually voting says a lot. It says most who actually take the time to register don't care enough or simply are turned away because they feel that they aren't connected to their representatives.

But besides them, what about all the rest of Americans who don't even take time to register to vote. Its not taught in our schools, there is one problem. Another I believe is that when we come of age in this country, you leave school. Some go to college, a very high percentage of those don;t finish. The best setting for debates on politics is a school arena. Politicians are always affraid of students not because of their voter turn out (they love the elderly for that) but because they are the most radical, less affraid of consequences, and not affraid to say what most won't. (Iran for example constantly has problems with their school youth voicing their opinion)

A quick note I'd like to say is that if we lowered the voting age to 16, required mandatory bipartisan training in schools we would have a voting body that could help sway elections and keep politicians on their toes.

You mean politicians would actually have to start doing everything they say they will do?? Well isn't that what we all want.

I know many would say thats just too young. Well is it? We make the age where ever we want, and we adjust things to that. In old England, you were a man at 11 years old. 11???? In old America in the colonies, you were a man once you became a teenager. Today, we have created all these new catagories to push the age of adulthood farther. Does anyone remeber how lame junior high was. I don;t know about you, but I relearned everything I learned from junior high in high school.

Look towards the european education system. In many of the western countries, the kids are done with their version of high school at around 16. But thats not all, after that they start training into their profession. what??? thats sounds weird, u mean they actually start getting prepared for their life in a time when we are learning algebra 2.

I had a kiwi visit my house recently (a new zealnder) We chated about the difference in education systems.

She couldn't believe that I had to finish a bachelors degree beofre I went to law school. I knew I wanted to go to law school well before I finished college. In Zealand, you can go directly to training for law without a bachlors degree because on the road there you will recieve one, but taking less time to get a law degree. In the US a bachelor and law degree can take you up to 7-8 years. In zealand, you can get both in about half.

WHat are we doing America. Why is everything so watered down and romantisized.

Ok the main point of this is to encourage everyone to see this movie. Maybe I hold out that there is still hope for the People of the UNited States.

I want this country to prove me wrong. I want this country to stand out in the world as a place of acceptance and intellectuals. I don;t want this country to be a place where 65% of those surveyed can't even point on a map where Great Britian is.
All I have to say about that is very sad.. =(

Go see this movie, tell your friends to see it, take your children. Rent it if you don;t want to pay the ridiculous fee's. Up here we pay 6 bucks a movie. IN places like LA it can be as high as 10.

I understand if people can't afford it, encourage them to rent it. Americans love their TV and movies. This is an example of how a movie can really teach you something.


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