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Robert Reed  
SEX for Jihadists , could cure their need to BLOW us up!!!
8/14/07, 2:55am (Last Edited: 8/14/07, 3:33am)
Just a thought, but it seems to me that the problem with Male "Jihadists" is that they are in URGENT need of sex.

Since birth, they have been sexually repressed.

Having never been satisfied with just one F--K, they yearn to go to Heaven, and slumber with a 100 plus virgins , hymens, intact.

Of course if any one of the 100 rode an Arabian stallion, the hymen could have been ruined., the "jihadist " would not know this, and "the Taleban" mentality" would "kick in", i.e an innocent woman would be unfairly judged.

The key is, encourage as many saudi/Moslem women to come to live in Western nations, and "let the genie out of the bottle.", Women/ ANYONE, yearn to be free, they would EVEN be allowed to drive a car.

I do believe this could work, and we would not have to expend another poor INNOCENT life.

Is it likely that a "Westernised" woman would "put up" with such treatment, is it likely that anyone in their "right mind", would.??
Is it likely that any American/European woman would swap a "party dress" for a Burkha?.

The truth is that these poor , repressed women, would do the same, IF they could., obviously they know no other way, but "Shackles" are what they are.

For the most part, a Burkha would not be seen in the West end of London, nor west L.A., yet there are many Moslem women in both places.

If anyone has seen the film "Clockwork Orange", they will understand the rationale for the following statement.--------

Instead of "Waterboading" and "electric jolts" , Guantanamo prisoners should be subjected to LOTS of "porno", (making sure their eyes are taped open), and as "many virgin volunteers" as possible, , (o'k a few "hookers too, there may not be too many virgin volunteers , just tell them they are),or convince them they "rode a few horses," then send them home to "proselytise", it just might cure them of their malady.

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Robert Reed
Robert Reed  
sexual repression is a very bad thing!!
10/2/07, 11:58pm (Last Edited: 10/3/07, 12:22am)
As a follow up to what I wrote previously, much of it was "tongue in cheek"therefore meant to connote,silly, humour.

In reality, I do believe that the problem with "suicide/nazi moslem terrorists is ABSOLUTELY related to their being sexually repressed ALL of their lives.

Male children, whether they grow up in western Europe, or the U.S., are generally not chastised when they ,(during their pubescent years) exhibit sexual feelings., perfectly normal, and generally when they go on to be adults and have families, they retain their normalcy.

In the Moslem fundamentalist world Masturbation is prohibited, sex outside marriage in some places a "capital crime".

Any NORMAL male knows this is a very difficult way to live.

To me, as I understand it, to be a moslem must correspond to the "most fundamentalist of christianity or judaism
only FAR more fundamentalist in it's most liberal form.

ALL of the suicide bombers have come from a background of extreme poverty, having nothing to offer, (usually, there have been a couple of females) in the moslem world, most marriages are "arranged", therefore the prospective bomber, despite failing the test of " marriage eligiblity " could then pass the "test of martyrdom" and find a "thousand virgin brides, waiting for them in paradise".

Add that to the belief that unless we adhere to their beliefs, we, as infidels, must be destroyed.

History always repeats itself, 1000 years ago the same battle was being fought, Saladin vs the crusaders, only now nuclear weapons
could be used .

One could say that the 2001 bombers did not all come from poor backgrounds, however ,(as sleeper cells), after a couple of years of freedom, including many visits to "strip clubs" etc.(as the 9/11 murderers did), in "their crazed minds",as a result of a "lifetime of sexual repression", therefore leading to extreme anger, they felt that they were justified in their acts, especially, since 1000 plus virgins were waiting for them .

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