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Robert Jones  
I am Bushed
1/20/04, 10:49pm (Last Edited: 1/20/04, 10:57pm)
It is late and I am going to try to keep this short. I am wanting to outline some reasons G. W. Bush has lost my vote.

1.) He lost credibility with all of the WOMD hype. From what I though as an American, we would definately without a doubt prove that WOMD's were there. I kind of felt that Bush gave us that assurance.

I agreed with the decision to invade Iraq to remove Sadam and his sons and cohorts and I believe the Bush administration should have taken a different approach for justifying the invasion so Bush's credibility took a major hit as far as I am concerned.

2.) I do not like G.W.'s brother Jeb and do not like the way he runs the state. I hold him responisible for the hiring freeze that ended my teaching career and I am suspicous of the vote tally fiasco.

3.) I am totally opposed to G.W. and his brother's environmental policies and selling out to big business.

4.) The Haliburton thing.

5.) Jeb's statement in front of a reporter that he had an underhanded method in mind for circumventing the classroom size amendment that was voted in place by the citizens of Florida and was opposed by Jeb. Even though it was not George's doing it taints the Bush name in my book and makes me suspicious of his brother.

There are others but these are a few that are on my mind and I am becoming decidedly anti-Bush with my political philosophy.

In short the Bushes have lost their credibility as far as I am concerned and I don't think that someone that has lost their credibility should get my vote.

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