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when you really don't want jury duty
11/10/04, 10:07am
From the Hollywood Reporter:

(I have to remember these if I ever want to get out of jury duty...)

"e-More prospective jurors summoned for Blake trial

One hundred prospective jurors have passed muster for further questioning in the Robert Blake murder trial, but the judge summoned another 50 prospects Tuesday to ensure a pool large enough to produce a jury if many prospects are excused for bias. So far, 689 have been excused for hardship, some citing the estimate of a five-month trial which would impact them financially and personally. About half of some 200 who said they were able to serve were dismissed for their strong feelings on issues including abortion and the question of Blake's guilt or innocence. On Tuesday, Superior Court Judge Darlene Schempp agreed to dismiss a man who wrote that he was "a high functioning schizophrenic," and a prospective juror who wrote on the questionnaire: "He is guilty, he is guilty, he is guilty." Another dismissed panelist wrote, "My concept of reasonable doubt doesn't include aliens and satanic cults."-quote&

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