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Marie Reed  
Ghost Whisperer
9/25/05, 11:35am
There's new TV show on CBS called "Ghost Whisperer". Since I'm so fascinated about ghosts and spirits, I thought I'd watch the first show just to see if it's good.

Jennifer Love-Hewitt plays a gal who can see spirits, and her job is to relay messages to the spirits' loved ones. Ring a bell? It very much like "The Sixth Sense" the movie, or "Medium", another TV show.

So the show is not very original, but it was entertaining. I'm not sure how long this show will last, but I just think the theme of being able to communicate with spirits has been overused.

Now, there's a show on the Travel Channel called "Most Haunted". That's a pretty cool reality TV show. I'll post it on another thread.

I rate Ghost Whisperer about a 6 out of 10.

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