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2/22/06, 7:30am
Caught the near end of the show last night. Once again, it appears that this show will be entertaining and fun to participate in rooting and voting for our choices weekly.

Funny, it seems that these singers so far are more professional. They really can belt out a song with the charisma usually lacking certainly in the beginning. I think it will be harder this year to pick the "one"

The 16 year old has a God given gift for sure. Wow. Katherine. If she has such a sound at such a young age, where will she go...

I have heard some of Sarah Brightman's early work and never imagined how incredible her voice could develop. I love her. But her early work was rough. Good, but needed fine tuning. Andrew Lloyd Webber saw it and cultivated her talent. I guess Celine Dion's husband much older did the same with her too.

I will be voting.

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