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Robert Reed  
Bye Bye Sanjaya
4/18/07, 10:20pm
I must say that during the course of the show he did get better as time wore on, i.e. he went from absolutely horrible to very bad.
This was after all a singing contest, and he can not sing.
I question why it took so long.
I believe the top three contestants are all female, Doolittle, Lakisha and Jordin.,( even more amazing at age 17).

Melinda is in my opinion the very best to have entered this competition, in ALL the shows I have seen.
Sanjaya stayed, whilst others with far more talent were voted off.

Am. Idol is a "spin off" from the original British show known as "Pop Idol", now called the "X factor".
I have seen the British show numerous times, it's contestants are vastly inferior, surprising since the U.K. continues to produce terrific "pop" artists.

As to Simon, he is the creator, and OWNS all of these shows, it is highly unlikely he will leave the show and in so doing "fire" himself.
I usually find myself in agreement with him, his opinions are usually "spot on".

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