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Lost fans
Chris Reed  
Namaste Notes
5/10/07, 5:03pm
I know a lot of you are into "Lost" like I am...... (Don't read ahead if you didn't see this week's episode yet)

So do you think Locke is kaput? (Doubt it..... killing off a major character is one thing but to kill everyone's favorite?)

I figure in the last episode of the season he'll show up flying a Viper and say he knows the way to Earth ...

Ooops, wrong show.

Was the typical great Lost... A lot of answers and a lot of new questions. Like what is Richard's secret to youthful, healthy skin? Oil of Olay? Botox? Smoke monster treatments?

And if we didn't think Ben was evil enough already, now we know he was responsible for the death of every Dharma member - including his father Roger Workman, pitchman for that tastes filling, less great Dharma beer and previously known to film himself throwing a football (Napoleon Dynamite) or winning Frito Lay contests (Real Genius).

My take on Jacob? I guarantee he's the smoke monster.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

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