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Dr. Rub
Stupid Ass Commercial !!!!!!!!!!!
6/20/04, 8:30am (Last Edited: 6/20/04, 8:32am)
I love Hooters! However, Hooters has been running this commercial lately with that Tony guy who promotes & does infomercials for the Gazelle fitness machine. This guy gets on my everlasting nerves! Have you seen this Hooters commercial that he is on? One of the Hooters waitresses asks him, "Do you have a rap for me Tony?" In which he replies, "Yeah! Let's get the gazelle(meaning hell) out of here!"

How gay is that!? Tony, will you please just stick with the Gazelle infomercials please!? That has got to be one of the gayest, cheesiest, lamest commercials I've ever seen! What a dork! I want to vomit everytime I see this stupid ass commercial!

"Losers always whine about giving their best. Winners get to go home & ---- the prom queen." (Sean Connery)

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