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Robert Jones  
Speed of the Game
11/8/06, 11:06pm
I watched a man get his hand broke tonight by a batted ball while he coached third base. It was pretty graphic and we could all here the snap when the ball hit him and we knew. The batter, his teammate, was using a tampered, shaved, bat. Standing in the third base coaches box he did not have the reaction to get out of the way of the batted ball.

I have noticed that balls seem to be hit harder more consistently than ever before. The balls have been regulated from a core 47, 575 compression ball to a core 44, 375 compression ball. The new ball is noticably deadened but the players have compensated with the shaved bats. I have had balls hit to me on the corners that I can't handle. I have nearly had my glove ripped off my hand on several occasions recently. It is not that I am not getting my glove on the ball...I am...the balls are just moving with so much speed that they nearly take the glove from my hand.

I still adamantly refuse to use the tainted equipment and I am seriously concerned for those pitching to these bats as the pitcher is so much closer. I have a friend who broke his hand earlier this year fielding a line drive at third base from a shaved bat. The speed of these batted balls is crazy insane.

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