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Robert Jones  
Beaumont Infestation
6/17/08, 10:49pm
I always thought the Las Vegas Rat Pack was composed of Frank, Dean, Sammy and company......but I realized I had the wrong group of rats....I now think his roster contains Mickey, Speedy, Jerry, Mighty, Reepacheep, Chip and Dale, Danger Mouse, Stuart Little, and Fievel. Senor Speedy would be leadoff while Mighty Mouse would of course bat cleanup. I don't think I can recall having seen a gnarlier bunch of cheese bandits. It seems like Tom, Sylvester and company have made up the opposing pitching staffs and have been shredded like cheddar. I think the league is infested and somebody better call Orkin or The Rats are gonna eat the rest of us out of a championship.

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