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Dr. Rub
Yankees destroying the All-Star game!
6/19/04, 6:39pm (Last Edited: 6/19/04, 6:42pm)
I guess the more appropriate thing to say here is that the fans are destroying this year's upcoming all star game. It might as well just be the Yankees vs. the National League all stars. I know all of you know I despise the Yankees beyond imaginable, but as it stands right now, we could possibly have 4 or 5 Yankees starting in the all star game for the American League & it quiet frankly disgusts me & makes me sick. The sad thing is, none of them, except for maybe A Rod, & that's arguable deserve to even make the American League all star team this season. Look at there current stats & compare them with other players at there respective positions around the American League. If the all star game was today, based off fan voting, Giambi, Jeter, A Rod, Sheffield, & maybe Posada, would be starting for the American League. I wouldn't even be surprised if Matsui sneaks in there as well. I don't know every player's exact stats but I can tell you, without even looking at the stats that there are considerably more deserving players from other teams in the American League with better numbers.

At first base, Giambi? Are you kidding me? Currently he's batting below 250! How about Hattesberg, or Konerko, or Harvey, or Palmeiro, or even Ortiz?

Derek Jeter at shortstop? PLEASE!! How about Tejada, or Carlos Guillen, or Micheal Young? Garciaparra don't deserve to be there either because he has missed way too many games!

I can even argue against A Rod at third base! How about Melvin Mora? How about Hank Blalock?

Now Sheffield has decent numbers & is one hell of a player, but I can think of several outfielders that are considerably more deserving. Let's start counting! Manny Rameriz, Carlos Beltran, Carlos Lee, Magglio Ordonez, Alex Sanchez, Vlad Guerrero, Jose Guillen, maybe even Jermaine Dye, Carl Crawford with 29 stolen bases & a 300 average, Ichiro Suzuki, or even someone like Rondell White.

At catcher, Posada has a decent argument. However, I Rod, Javy Lopez, Toby Hall, Jason Varitek, & Victor Martinez all can make a pretty good argument as well.

Are fans actually watching the same baseball I'm watching this season? I don't mean to sound like a smart ass but I think I have an argument here.

The Yankees, the media, & yes, even the "so called" fans are ruining the all star game in my opinion. The reason why all these "fans" have voted for all of these Yankee players thus far to start the all star game whether they are deserving or not & most of them are NOT, is because that is all the fans ever here from the main stream media. Yankees this! Yankees that! All of the other major league teams just don't get quiet the same press & attention the Yankees do & it is destroying the game of baseball.

Did anyone or let's atleast say the average baseball fan know that the Tampa Bay Devil Rays are on a 9 or 10 game winning streak right now or atleast they are as I am posting this? I knew it because I am a baseball fan, a true baseball fan!

The only other reason these damn Yankee players are leading the AL all star voting at there respective positions is because of the New York population in comparison to all the other major cities around the entire country. I know there are some other major U.S. cities that might be reasonably close to the population of New York City. However, when you have that many people in one city & your allowed to vote as many times as you want & all you ever hear about in the media it seems is the f@&king Yankees, it's hard not to have that many Yankees starting or atleast making the all star team whether they deserve to be there or not! Let's put it this way, if your a Yankee player & you don't make the all star team, you must really suck!

I believe we should take away the fans right to vote for who they want to vote for to play in the all star game or make the all star teams. I know that is a harsh & hardline stance which many people may disagree with but I think fan voting is actually hurting the integrity of the all star game & what it is suppost to stand for & represent. Moreover, if the all star game is actually going to effect who gets home field advantage in the World Series, then baseball should have it's actual best players out there on the all star teams based off their actual first half of the season numbers & productivity rather to have a popularity contest & New York Yankees butt humping party!!

Not that anyone cares, but here would be my starting line ups for both the American League & National League. However to make & validate my point, I should not be voting as a fan & niether should anyone else because I feel most fans have made a joke of the all star game & have made it into a popularity contest.

American League:

1B - David Ortiz or Ken Harvey (toss up)
2B - Alfonso Soriano
SS - Micheal Young (maybe Tejada or C.Guillen)
3B - Melvin Mora or Hank Blalock ( A Rod - reserve)
C - Ivan Rodriguez or Jorge Posada ( V. Martinez - reserve)
OF - Manny Rameriz
OF - Carlos Beltran
OF - Vlad Guerrero
OF reserves - Carlos Lee, Jermaine Dye, Ichiro Suzuki, Carl Crawford, Alex Sanchez, maybe Sheffield)

DH - Frank Thomas

National League:

1B - take tour pick ( Piazza, Thome, Pujols, Casey, Overbay, Bagwell, Derek Lee, Helton)
2B - Jeff Kent ( Aaron Miles or Mark Loretta)
SS - Jack Wilson ( Everett or Izturis)
3B - Scott Rolen ( Adrian Beltre, Mike Lowell, Aramis Ramirez)
C - Paul Lo Duca ( Kendall, Barrett, Charles Johnson)
OF - Barry Bonds
OF - choose 2 of the following: All of these guys can make an argument for being an all star selection in my opinion.

Miguel Cabrera, Juan Pierre, Pat Burrell, Lance Berkman, Jim Edmonds, Moises Alou, Adam Dunn, Griffey Jr., Craig Wilson, Scott Podsednik, Marquis Grissom, Steve Finley, Danny Bautista, Corey Patterson)

DH - see above list

In conclusion, the all star game & the way the players are going about being selected needs a makeover, especially if the game actually counts for something! ( home field advantage in World Series )

"Losers always whine about giving their best. Winners get to go home & ---- the prom queen." (Sean Connery)

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Message #813 of 2499  *NEW*
Dr. Rub
Robert Jones  
Re: Yankees destroying the All-Star game!
6/20/04, 9:18pm
Well....I had the pleasure of watching the A.L. allstar team get whooped by the DRays in the DRay home opener.

Friends are the best collectibles

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