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Dr. Rub
10/9/04, 11:55pm (Last Edited: 10/10/04, 6:33am)
For all of you out there that might want to know, Robert is a really good dart player. Mel, (the Sleestacks in BBM) is a really good dart player as well. I quiet often go play darts with Robert. Mel joins us on occassion. Randy also plays with us when he is down visiting. Most of the time we head out & play, I know I can usually give them a run for their money, although I admit, I'm not as good as Robert & Mel on a consistant basis. Sometimes I can throw some great games & sometimes I struggle just to hit the dart board. I am what you would call a streaky player. Well, Robert & I went & played some darts tonight & for the first time I can honestly remember, I did not win one single game. We alternated between Cricket & 501. We played 10 games & Robert won all 10. All of the games were competitive & pretty close, however the difference between the Boogaman's game & my game is that he seems to be less streaky & more consistant. When he smells blood in the water at or near the end of the game, this guy is like Eric Gagne or John Smoltz closing out a baseball game. I have learned that you can't slip up or have a bad round against Mel & Robert when you play them & especially when they are on their game & sometimes that doesn't even matter. Usually when we all go play, I'll usually wind up winning a few games if I get pretty hot, but more times than not, Robert & Mel are more consistant & seem to win more games than I.

Nevertheless, I enjoy the challenge of trying to knock off Robert & Mel, mainly Robert because I play him a lot more often. I realize they are better dart players than I & I try to beat them atleast two or three games every time we go out & play. I am capable of beating them here & there, but it usually doesn't wind up that way.

I don't know why I am really posting this, but I was just so impressed with Robert's dart game tonight, maybe even more so than in the past. Every time I would jump out to a lead, he would come roaring back & pass me & it felt like such a helpless feeling just sitting there watching the ice water running through his veins as he hits his targets on the dart board with almost perfect dead aim, like it was almost too easy & effortless. He has a nice consistant cool delivery when he releases his darts from his right hand to the target on the board. I quiet frankly look like Dontrelle Willis when I throw a dart because I have a very hard time keeping my back foot still.

Although I don't like to lose at anything like most people, I learned how to put losing in perspective tonight. Don't get me wrong, no one likes losing & nor do I. However, I learned how to be a good loser tonight. Sometimes you just have to give it up for the better player. 10 games to zip. I was competitive, but he was just that much better. I watched in amazement tonight. I watched the uncanny ability that Robert possessed to consistantly hit the big shots when it counted. It was actually beautiful & painful to watch all at the same time. Everytime I would make 2 good shots, he would step up & make 3 good shots. It was like that all night.

"Losers always whine about giving their best. Winners get to go home & ---- the prom queen." (Sean Connery)

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