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~June 17, 2008~
Putting A.J. to bed tonight...
Posted by: Rob Reed

As he grows up before our eyes, every night is just a joy. Haven't updated in awhile, so I'm sharing with y'all just a snippet of most of our nights now. WARNING: might be boring to most, but it's only four someodd minutes of boredom. ;)

Last comment by: Rob Reed @ 6/19/08, 8:24am2 comments >> Link  

~June 17, 2008~
L.A.M.B.S. #1: On Gay Marriage and Christian Protest
Posted by: Rob Reed

Just a new thing I'm working on through the cunning use of YouTube...

Last comment by: Larry Levy @ 6/22/08, 9:37pm4 comments >> Link  

~June 17, 2008~
Some people just have no class...
Posted by: Rob Reed

I mean just look at that guy's tie!

Hattip: Marie in email this morning... :)

Last comment by: Thomas Canty @ 6/18/08, 7:02pm5 comments >> Link  

~June 12, 2008~
Authentic Christianity
Posted by: Rob Reed

In March of this year, a church had a trailer full of all of their stuff stolen. The Church put up billboards with their website URL saying: CHURCH TRAILER THIEF, Stealing from God. Ballsy."

The website contained this video of the Pastor's response. I love this response. Some might view it as insincere. I thought the opposite.

I don't know whether or not the thief took the Pastor up on the offer. And, I don't know that if he did, the Pastor had the cops waiting and/or the Pastor just beat the ever-loving stuff out of the poor fellow.

But, I like to imagine that the thief did show up... and that the Pastor and that whole North Carolina...   (more)    

Last comment by: Larry Levy @ 6/13/08, 8:52am 1 comment >> Link  

~June 12, 2008~
Charlie Wilson's War
Posted by: Rob Reed

I *REALLY* liked this film... I especially liked Phillip Seymore Hoffman's character and Aaron Sorkin's writing. This guy just knows how to write dialogue...

The basic premise is the early-mid 80's during the Cold War, and the USSR vs. Afghanistan rift, with the U.S. using "covert ops" to make things more difficult for Russia. Tom Hanks plays a congressman with the key to the cash that could help the Afghanis... he is also excellent.

It is especially interesting because one has to imagine that the powers that be in the "region formerly known as the USSR" could be currently trying to get a little payback! And, also, because the effects of these covert ops arguably have played a substantial role...   (more)    

Last comment by: Larry Levy @ 6/13/08, 8:32am1 comment >> Link  

~June 12, 2008~
Posted by: Rob Reed

I took a pic of the final amount, but it didn't take. $74 for gas today.

Last comment by: Larry Levy @ 6/13/08, 8:30am9 comments >> Link  

~June 11, 2008~
Re: Matt home today
Posted by: Rob Reed

>>Wow.. it has been a long time since I have been on here.
>>Eek... thanks, Lon and all.
>What was your name again? Who are you? :)
>I've been jonesing for more AJ pictures! I love seeing what he
>is up to.
>Matt comes home today! Yeah! He'll be home until mid-August.

Awesome! A.J. is becoming such a big boy so fast, it is ridiculous. He's starting to use small sentences like "Dada! Mama (pointing in her direction). GO!"

Or, when one of his toys doesn't work, he'll shout out one of our names (WOWO for Lolo, or Grandpa in tagalog; or LALA for Lola for grandma in tagalog... or DADA or MAMA)... as in: DADA (holding up non working toy). BAH!...   (more)    

Last comment by: Larry Levy @ 6/13/08, 8:28am12 comments >> Link  

~April 24, 2008~
I can take solace in one fact...
Posted by: Rob Reed

Hiya everybody! Hope y'all are well.

My 39th birthday is approaching, and after reading an article this morning, I learned that I can take solace in one, single fact. I AM NOT A GRANDFATHER!

Last comment by: Robert Jones @ 4/28/08, 9:23pm4 comments >> Link  

~April 11, 2008~
The 'indoctrination' of A.J. progresses...
Posted by: Rob Reed

So, we're sitting at the dinner table last night, and I dig into my first bite of the delicious cheese ravioli that Marie prepared... and as I start chewing on that first bite, A.J. looks at Marie and me and then puts his hand together in a "prayer" gesture and gives a little "harumph."

I guess we have to have a good idea that the indoctrination is complete when our 15-month old is reminding us to pray at the dinner table. ;)

Last comment by: Larry Levy @ 4/11/08, 4:10pm1 comment >> Link  

~March 4, 2008~
A.J.'s First Haircut
Posted by: Rob Reed

Last comment by: Mike Reed @ 4/2/08, 10:18am2 comments >> Link  

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