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~September 30, 2007~
Law School is Just Great!!!
Posted by: Mike Reed

Well this sums up my life these days. I say this and post this as I am studying in my new home. (THE LIBRARY)

If you know someone that says they want to go to law school. Show them this video.

Yes yes yes, in the end it will pay off. Who I will be after will make all the difference. But Damn, they could make it a little eaisier couldn;t they.

Its like my brother Robbie said: "Ever wonder why so many lawyers are assholes, they feel like they deserve to be for all the crap they went through to become a attorney."

Last comment by: Marie Reed @ 10/2/07, 9:13am3 comments >> Link  

~September 18, 2007~
Talk about excessive force
Posted by: Mike Reed

I cannot believe this act. Yes, the kid was nagging Kerry and aledgedly resisting arrest. But from what I see, he was trying to get a politician to answer some questions and in no way was told why he was being taken away. His actions after being grabbed to be ejected may have been a cause to have him ejected from the room, but in no way, NO WAY! was his actions justifiable to be tasered. The police officers were acting almost out of vengeance. That is unacceptable, and definitely not reasonable under the circumstances.

And then Kerry stated it ws an imprtant question and went on with his speech???????

How about, hey police, STOP THAT!!!!

If I was up there, I would have...   (more)    

Last comment by: BestLight @ 9/20/07, 2:30pm14 comments >> Link  

~September 17, 2007~
History of Religion?????
Posted by: Mike Reed

History of religion??

Well, I have yet to research the accuracy of all of these claims, however, it makes an interesting video.

If even half these statements are true, it shows a push towards trying to create an image that blends various religions and backgrounds together to make it easier for people to convert or for people to relate to a dominant culture that took over.

Whatever type of religion you believe in, this video will either make you laugh, cry, or just simply make you wonder.

As if we all don't wonder enough.

But had to share it. Found it one late night while I was youtubeing

Last comment by: Rob Reed @ 9/17/07, 10:20am 4 comments >> Link  

~August 12, 2007~
Alaska, a little kept secret
Posted by: Mike Reed

Alaska really is an amazing place.

If you want to go see paradise, buy your tickets. A week is not enough

Last comment by: Robert Jones @ 10/7/07, 3:48am2 comments >> Link  

~July 21, 2007~
Ron Paul for 2008
Posted by: Mike Reed

I have been liberal for many years now. Some years so far on the left I didn't know which way was right. Today, on the political compass, I find myself towards the middle with a slight tilt to the left.

Conservatism is not bad. To conserve is the necessary road in the future.

The environment,
the number of births
harmful chemicals produced
unsustainable products
I am not a political conservative nor a political liberal. I am conservative about some things and liberal about others. That makes me vote not with a party, but with a person I feel will do the best job.

I do not agree with his desire to get rid of social programs. I think Social security, welfare, and workmans comp can...   (more)    

Last comment by: saundrabeach @ 8/20/07, 10:50am7 comments >> Link  

~July 8, 2007~
Sicko a Must see for everyone
Posted by: Mike Reed

SICKO --- a must see for everyone!!!!

I saw this movie last night and I believe it ranks right up there with "Roger and Me". This movie is a must see for everyone. Whether republican, democrat, religious, non-religious this topic affects all of us.

Before seeing the movie I watched a fox news update about universal healthcare on youtube. Good old fox news was having guests on who say that Universal Healthcare is exactly what the Terrorists want...

No no no no, I must have been mistaken, what did you say? But nope, just go to youtube and look up fox news and universal healthcare, and you will find people saying that arab doctors terrorists will infiltrate the united states through its...   (more)    

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~July 7, 2007~
Re: America is a wondrous place.
Posted by: Mike Reed

Well I agree that this is a great country filled with people who represent all corners of the globe.

But like you said, it wasn't until the 60's that the US started to really become what it said it had been all along, a free country to all that inhabit it.

It took almost 200 years after its founding to give every citizen the right to vote, and the right to equal justice from the law.

If it took them this long to start to live up to its own ideals, imagine where we could be as a country today if all this romanticism was initiated from the begining.

The country thrives on people arguing because of their different opinions. Always has,...   (more)    

Last comment by: Robert Reed @ 7/7/07, 7:09pm 6 comments >> Link  

~March 23, 2007~
Study: Alcohol, Tobacco Worse Than Drugs
Posted by: Mike Reed


Please keep in mind that alcohol, tobacco, and substances like caffeine are all legal DRUGS. They cause a chemical change in your body and produce an alien affect. This is called the high or buzed/drunk with alcohol, buzzed/dizzy/ disappearance of hunger or your stress fix with tobacco, and your jitters or sudden pick me up with coffee, tea, soda or caffeine pills.

So the argument of a war against drugs is not going to fly well when we our a country that has legal drugs that in a lot of ways are hurting us more than illegal drugs. And, lets not forget about the amount of Americans on some form of a prescription from a doctor that for some reason...   (more)    

Last comment by: saundrabeach @ 4/15/07, 5:16pm15 comments >> Link  

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