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~June 5, 2008~
Support 2wheelbob in the Relay for Life
Posted by: Carol

Bob has participated in this event for several years now... Imagine 50 miles, 200 laps around a track, all done in his chair! His goal is to do this in 24 hours and raise $2000.


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~June 1, 2008~
Hike to the most romantic waterfall
Posted by: Carol

Well, most waterfalls you can argue conjure up romance, but this one more so than any other I've ever seen and will likely see again. This is a relatively small waterfall along Seeley Creek in the San Bernardino Mountains. It only drops about 25 feet or so and the scenery is typical for the area, mid-elevation mixed conifer and hardwood forest. But the large naturally formed heart shaped hollow beside the waterfall is special indeed. Todd and I hiked the mile or so down to the waterfall today. The day was absolutely beautiful, sunny, about 70 degrees, and breezy. We saw just a couple of other people out on the trail and the...   (more)    

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~June 1, 2008~
Wildflowers on Steroids
Posted by: Carol

Introducing one of my new favorite wildflowers - Matilija Poppies. They're humongous! And so beautiful and yummy smelling :) They are growing profusely in the native plant garden behind the ranger station right now.

Up the canyon a little ways and yucca and fremontia are stealing the show. Yucca are so tall that they are only flower that you can see from 10 miles away, lol

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~May 19, 2008~
Too hot to hike? Go creek hiking! Bonita Falls
Posted by: Carol

Bonita Falls is the 2nd highest waterfall in Southern California. In total its 4 tiers drop about 475 feet. The tallest in Southern California is the aptly named Big Falls and both of these waterfalls are on the San Bernardino National Forest. What I like best about the San Bernardino National Forest is the rugged beauty of the canyons and mountains. These are very active geological places... faults including the famous San Andreas cut into these young mountains and flash floods and landslides are common. In short there really isn't anything gentle and easy about this landscape, and although only 3/4 miles from the road, Bonita Falls isn't an easy hike... there isn't...   (more)    

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~May 16, 2008~
Anniversary trip to the San Jacinto Mountains
Posted by: Carol

For our one year wedding anniversary Todd and I went on a mountain getaway for a few days. We camped for two nights up at San Jacinto State Park in Idyllwild which is, as the name suggests, an idyllic little mountain town on the edge of the San Jacinto Wilderness about an hour and a half southeast of where we live. We drove to Banning and then took Hwy 243 down to Idyllwild. This highway has recently been renamed and dedicated to the five San Bernardino National Forest firefighters that died in the Esperanza Fire. We stopped at the Alandale Station home of Engine 57 to pay homage and then continued on to Idyllwild. We camped...   (more)    

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~April 25, 2008~
Helitorching - this was fun to watch
Posted by: Carol

Last week I got to go practice being a fire information officer during a prescribed burn. It was especially fun to watch the helitorching operation.

And of course if there are flowers blooming in the area, well, that's exciting, too :)

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~April 20, 2008~
Last part of my vacation - CA Poppy Reserve
Posted by: Carol

On the way home from Mt. Diablo I decided to stop at the California Poppy Reserve. It was a windy afternoon so the poppies were closed but there were few people out and about and the clouds in the sky made for a glorious afternoon. I hiked the north and south Antelope Trails as well as part of the trail up to Antelope Butte.

More photos here :) http://www.tarol.com/poppyreserve2.html

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~April 15, 2008~
7th part of my vacation - Mt. Diablo
Posted by: Carol

On Saturday March 29th I headed out of San Francisco and over the Bay Bridge to the East Bay and the northern entrance to Mt. Diablo State Park. I was hoping to meet 4wheelbob out there for a hike but turns out he had to work :p So instead I headed up myself and paid my campground fee at the entrance gate so I didn't have to pay a day use fee and from there I went up to Juniper Campground. I found a great spot with fantastic views of the surrounding vast green rolling hills. Once I set up my tent I was off to the summit. I parked at the wide turnout known as...   (more)    

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~April 8, 2008~
5th part of my vacation - Point Lobos
Posted by: Carol

On my way up to San Francisco from Big Sur I stopped and hiked around Point Lobos State Reserve. I started on the Carmelo Meadow Trail which connected with the North Shore Trail. I also did the Allen Memorial Grove Trail, Sea Lion Point Trail, Sand Hill Trail, part of the South Shore Trail, and the Lace Lichen Trail - in short hiking around most of the point. I figured in all I did about 5 miles. At first it was sunny then later it turned foggy and cool. Wildlife was abundant and so were the wildflowers. What a gorgeous place!

More photos here :) http://www.tarol.com/pointlobos.html

Last comment by: Carol @ 4/12/08, 12:44pm3 comments >> Link  

~April 6, 2008~
4th part of my vacation - Big Sur
Posted by: Carol

I always enjoy going to Big Sur because the scenery is just flat out incredible, so when I decided to go up to visit my sister in San Francisco as part of my two week vacation it was a no-brainer to drive up there via Hwy 1. I stopped at San Simeon to see the elephant seals and I camped at Fernwood Campground on the Big Sur River underneath the redwoods. The next day I hiked to Pfeiffer Falls then headed north towards Point Lobos. (Stay tuned for Point Lobos photos!)

A few more photos here :) http://www.tarol.com/bigsur3.html

Last comment by: Larry Levy @ 4/6/08, 2:56pm1 comment >> Link  

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