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~April 6, 2008~
3rd part of my vacation - Hwy 58 Wildflowers
Posted by: Carol

After leaving Carrizo Plain I headed west along Hwy 58 towards the coast. Along the way I saw many vast fields of wildflowers. This is definitely one of the most beautiful places in California in the spring!

More photos here :) http://www.tarol.com/hwy58.html

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~April 3, 2008~
2nd part of my vacation - Carrizo Plain
Posted by: Carol

In what has become a yearly springtime ritual (well, almost, I missed 2004 and 2007) I visited Carrizo Plain National Monument. I first went in 2003 and was impressed with this rural beautiful area of California that looked more like Wyoming, only with flowers. Lots of flowers. Billions. If you go they'll knock your socks off. Then you can walk barefoot through the vast grasslands and really get to know Carrizo. I also recommend rolling on the ground with the poppies. Get down to their level and you'll get the best photographs. Just be careful not to squish them!

This year I met 4wheelbob (I originally met him at Carrizo Plain in 2005 and...   (more)    

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~April 2, 2008~
1st part of my vacation - Anza Borrego
Posted by: Carol

I took two weeks of vacation in March and for the first portion I decided to visit my parents in Escondido. After a few days of hanging out around there (see http://www.tarol.com/escondido.html) I convinced them to go tent camping one night out in the desert. Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is an easy 1.5 hour drive from where they live (with no need to get on a single freeway to get there, it's all backroads) and is it ever beautiful this time of year :) Lots of wildflowers blooming, tons of wildlife, and wonderful warm weather (during the day anyway, it was chilly at night).

We camped in an area of the park called Blair Valley. It is higher...   (more)    

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~January 26, 2008~
Sad story - avalanches in Wrightwood
Posted by: Carol

There was a series of avalanches up in Wrightwood yesterday and several people were caught in them with a couple still missing. One of the victims was a coworker, my age, an easy going and nice guy very much liked and respected by us all. He was skiing on one of his days off. Since I've only worked here a short time I didn't know him very well... But what I do know is he will be missed by all of us in the Forest Service family.



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~January 16, 2008~
Trip to Sea World
Posted by: Carol

When I was younger I wanted to either work at Sea World or the San Diego Zoo. I took these junior trainer/keeper classes at both places for several summers but since I went away to college I haven't been back. So it was fun to go again and thanks to Sea World for letting folks like me and my family go for free since I was working during the firestorm in October :)

We went to the dolphin show, the sea lion show, and the Shamu Show. Sorry, no pictures of Shamu, we attended the last show of the day and it was too dim for photos. I was impressed, though, the shows have changed a great...   (more)    

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~January 6, 2008~
I'm very bummed (aspen decline)
Posted by: Carol

I had a fellow USFS employee contact me because she's studying the decline in aspen in the Rocky Mountains. She came across my photo of Aspen Alley on the Medicine Bow National Forest in WY that I took back in 2001 and wanted to use it in her report.

This is her photo of what it looks like now :(

I've read a bit about aspen decline but I asked to see her report when she's done with it and I'll share it all with y'all.

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~January 3, 2008~
New Year's in Joshua Tree
Posted by: Carol

I had originally planned on going to Death Valley over New Year's but with my car in the shop and Todd's truck not getting as good gas mileage we decided to spend the weekend closer to home in Joshua Tree National Park. Which was fine by me because I absolutely love Joshua Tree. I have been there four times before and still have barely scratched the surface of what there is to see and do in this lovely park.

On Sunday Todd and I drove out to the southern entrance of the park which is about 1.5 hours away from home and found a campsite at Cottonwood Spring and had a picnic lunch. It was then that I...   (more)    

Last comment by: Larry Levy @ 1/3/08, 10:53am1 comment >> Link  

~January 1, 2008~
Wildflowers in December?!?
Posted by: Carol

Here are some desert wildflowers I found and photographed this weekend out in Joshua Tree National Park :)

Justicia californica


Arizona Lupine
Lupinus arizonicus

Mojave Aster
Xylorhiza tortifolia

Desert Mallow
Sphaeralcea ambigua

Fouquieria splendens

Golden Evening Primrose
Camissonia brevipes

Brittlebush at the base of Mastodon Peak
Encelia farinosa

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~December 26, 2007~
Christmas is over
Posted by: Carol

The presents are all unwrapped

The ham is all eaten

The eggnog is all drank up

Time for a nap!

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~December 26, 2007~
Christmas Eve Hike
Posted by: Carol

Todd and I waded across the frigid cold waters of Lytle Creek on Monday then hiked a ways up the South Fork Canyon on our one year anniversary of getting engaged. If I ever have the chance to get away from dealing with my employees' problems and do interpretive programs (ha!) the story I would tell of this area is definitely an active one! The San Andreas Fault is only a valley away and this area is under the constant threat of flash flood, rock slides, and fire. But it is beautiful nonetheless. And there are lots of trails and trail-less areas to explore. We got sidetracked exploring the area - including standing under the mistletoe...   (more)    

Last comment by: Carol @ 1/3/08, 10:10am3 comments >> Link  

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