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~November 24, 2007~
Very sad
Posted by: Carol

My Grandpa passed away this evening. We all knew it was going to come... He has been in the hospital for several weeks. My mom and dad were up there visiting for Thanksgiving and they drove home today. When they got home my mom called and her descriptions of holding Grandpa's hand in the hospital made me cry. We talked for a long time and then I went and layed down with my cat Sam, he knows when sitting on my chest and purring will comfort me. About 15 minutes later my mom called. He had just passed away.

I keep crying, I miss him so much already. To keep myself busy I've been...   (more)    

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~November 14, 2007~
Sand Dunes, Lava Tubes, and Petroglyphs
Posted by: Carol

This weekend Todd and I joined a bunch of folks from the So Cal Hikers Group for a car camping/day hiking trip out at Mojave National Preserve. Many of these people I'd known for years online but had never met in person so it was good to finally meet everyone! On Saturday Todd and I left at 8:00 and got out there at 10:30 - not a bad drive at all. We set up camp near Kelso Dunes then I took Todd to some petroglyphs near the lava flow on the Kelbaker Road that Jeffrey and I found last year. Saturday night we had a great potluck dinner with everyone. ...   (more)    

Last comment by: Larry Levy @ 11/14/07, 9:46am1 comment >> Link  

~November 12, 2007~
It's our 6 month wedding anniversary :)
Posted by: Carol

I can't believe it, the past 6 months have flown by!

Last comment by: Robert Jones @ 11/12/07, 4:09pm4 comments >> Link  

~November 4, 2007~
A pop of color - big leaf maples
Posted by: Carol

The day before the fires started down in here Southern California my parents came up to visit and we took a drive through the mountains near where I work. Up and over a divide we went and while winding down the steep road on the backside suddenly, boom, there was intense color. Several big leaf maples in all their fall glory were nestled in the chaparral canyon there.

It was the same story back in early October when Todd and I drove up towards Big Bear Lake. Hum drum mixed-conifer forest was suddenly interrupted with yellow...   (more)    

Last comment by: Larry Levy @ 11/4/07, 10:27am 1 comment >> Link  

~October 25, 2007~
Smoke Story - photos taken during the So Cal Wildfires
Posted by: Carol

All day Sunday Todd and I hunkered down inside because it was extremely windy outside and watched on TV the fires burning in Malibu and near Castaic Lake. On Monday morning I reported to work at the Mill Creek Ranger Station near Redlands, CA. On the drive to work I noticed a little bit of smoke coming up over the mountains in the vicinity of Lake Arrowhead. I hadn't heard about a fire up there yet and I dreaded the thought of something starting up there with the high winds we were experiencing. I must have passed at least a dozen overturned big rigs along the highways that morning.

I talked to my mom and dad who live near...   (more)    

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~October 23, 2007~
Fires in So Cal
Posted by: Carol

What I sent out to family and friends this morning:

Here in Rancho Cucamonga it has been super windy since very early Sunday morning. The fires closest to us are the ones up at Lake Arrowhead - not close enough to be a direct concern. That is one good thing about living in the city - if we were on the outskirts of town or in the mountains I'd be a lot more concerned. But we're down here in the valley. There were some fires at Cajon Pass yesterday and my duty station, the Lytle Creek Ranger Station, was evacuated. But I was working at Mill Creek at the time! One of my employees Andrea was...   (more)    

Last comment by: Larry Levy @ 10/25/07, 11:23am5 comments >> Link  

~October 10, 2007~
Should I ask Santa for this camera this Christmas?
Posted by: Carol

One of the main reasons I like Olympus cameras is because of their super macro function which means you can focus on objects as close as 0.4 inch away. I love taking up close pictures of flowers, leaves, bugs, etc. so this function suits me very well. And on the other end of the spectrum this sucker has an 18x zoom! There's no way I can afford a digital SLR with that kind of zoom capability, plus I wouldn't want to carry such a heavy thing while going hiking anyway. This one only weighs about 13 oz ;) So whatcha think?



Last comment by: Thomas Canty @ 10/10/07, 11:44am2 comments >> Link  

~October 8, 2007~
Anniversary in the Aspens
Posted by: Carol

Todd and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary of our first date this weekend up in the mountains. It was a glorious weekend, the sky was clear and blue, the air crisp, the breezes light. We drove up Highway 38 and hiked into Southern California's only grove of quaking aspen which is located in the San Gorgonio Wilderness. We had a picnic lunch and admired all the trees changing into their autumn hues - not just the aspen but also the black oaks, the sycamores, the maples, and the willows. We stayed in a little romantic cabin near Big Bear on Saturday night and explored the Big Bear Discovery Center on Sunday. And then as we headed...   (more)    

Last comment by: Larry Levy @ 10/9/07, 2:22pm3 comments >> Link  

~October 1, 2007~
Tallest Waterfall in Southern California
Posted by: Carol

Todd and I did the short hike to Big Falls near Forest Falls on the San Bernardino National Forest on Sunday. This is the tallest waterfall in Southern California at around 500 feet! Though the main fall isn't very impressive this time of year, there is still enough water coming down this very scenic canyon to make for a fun afternoon of exploring, wading, splashing, and photographing. Once we get some winter rain I hope to go back to see even more water coming down the falls :)

More photos here :) http://www.tarol.com/bigfalls.html

Last comment by: Larry Levy @ 10/1/07, 3:29pm1 comment >> Link  

~September 26, 2007~
Take a child outside!
Posted by: Carol

"Take a Child Outside Week"
September 24—September 30, 2007
Take A Child Outside Week is an international program designed to help break down obstacles that keep children from discovering the natural world. By arming parents, teachers and other caregivers with resources on outdoor activities, our goal is to help children across the country develop a better understanding and appreciation of the environment in which they live, and a burgeoning enthusiasm for its exploration.

Going outside:
connects children to the natural world
helps kids focus in school
reduces chances of obesity
So take a child outside!

On this site you can:
pledge to take a child outside and record your outdoor experiences
get ideas for outdoor activities
find participating organizations in your area


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