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~September 28, 2007~
Freedom: I Have A Passport!
Posted by: saundrabeach

I woke up smiling a big toothy grin just now. Why? because yesterday I forgot to get my mail until oh probably 1:00 A.M. After retrieving and opening, I found I had received my U.S.A. PASSPORT!

Perhaps just another document to some. To me it represents Freedom. My freedom to go nearly anywhere in the world, and best of all to return to my homeland, the United States. The best country in the world to be born, live and call home...MY Home. Home of my ancesters, my mother and father my children and grandchildren now and the future ones.

While hating my passport photo, (does anyone like theirs or their license photo?), I clutched the document...   (more)    

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~September 27, 2007~
Woman Delivers her 12th Child in Russia, a 'Little' Baby Girl: 17 lbs.1 oz.!!!!
Posted by: saundrabeach

Last comment by: Larry Levy @ 9/28/07, 10:00am1 comment >> Link  

~September 27, 2007~
Remembrance of President Clinton/or A Good Reason NOT to Vote For The Democrats
Posted by: saundrabeach

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~September 27, 2007~
And the Young Shall Lead Them
Posted by: saundrabeach


New Pledge of Allegiance (TOTALLY AWESOME) !

Since the Pledge of Allegiance


The Lord's Prayer

are not allowed in most

public schools anymore

Because the word "God" is mentioned....

A kid in Arizona wrote the attached

NEW School prayer :

Now I sit me down in school

where praying is against the rule

For this great nation under God

Finds mention of Him very odd.

If Scripture now the class recites,

It violates the Bill of Rights.

And anytime my head I bow

Becomes a Federal matter now.

Our hair can be purple, orange or green,

That's no offense; it's a freedom scene.

The law is specific, the law is precise.

Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice.

For praying in a public hall

Might offend someone with...   (more)    

Last comment by: Robert Reed @ 9/28/07, 3:42am 2 comments >> Link  

~September 17, 2007~
Re: History of Religion?????
Posted by: BestLight

That was interesting. I'm glad I got past the very off-putting first part, which just made fun of religion without stating a case.

Some facts I can't verify:
1. "horizon" coming from "Horus has risen"
2. "hours" coming from the name Horus
3. "sunset" coming from Horus and Seth.

I believe these are all word that descend from Greek and Latin, not Egyptian. (Although they could easily have intermixed, since the cultures are all geographically close and historically intertwined).

4. Bethlehem meaning House of Bread. It was my understanding that it came from semitic "Beit Lahm," or House of Meat/Lamb.

If you want more on this subject and have time for a Michener book, check out The Source.

Studying history gave me...   (more)    

Last comment by: Rob Reed @ 9/17/07, 10:20am 4 comments >> Link  

~September 17, 2007~
Re: History of Religion?????
Posted by: saundrabeach

Wonder indeed...Thank you for sharing this Miguel...ummmm. I always just "believed" because it was in my heart. Being Jewish and attending a Catholic Boarding School at a very tender age with nuns caught me or indoctrinated or...hummm. I then studied with the Jehovah Witnesses at 20-21 years of age, that seemed interesting too with their fears of 1975's end of the system of things i.e. "Armageddon...

This utube did not make me laugh, but promoted a new interesting and a "wow" in me.

If true, incredible, logical and most interesting.

Anyway something else to thing about.

I love your continued thirst for knowledge! Like me...

Last comment by: Rob Reed @ 9/17/07, 10:20am 4 comments >> Link  

~September 16, 2007~
Deja Vu! OJ gets Jail Time in Las VEGAS
Posted by: saundrabeach

Bet Johnny Cochran is rolling over in his grave! You're on your own "OJ!"

Last comment by: Larry Levy @ 9/18/07, 8:18am9 comments >> Link  

~September 15, 2007~
Re: Fallen Miami Police Officer
Posted by: saundrabeach

Robert: These are the kind of stories that turn my stomach! It isn't a great or rewarding profession to be involved with unfortunately our society is so disrespectful. Rather than being grateful, the public uually fears law enforcement.

I know when a police car ends up behind me I sweat.

But whenever I come into personal contact with a policeman or fireman I thank them for their valiant eforts from all of us.

If everyone would do this, it just might make it a more appreciated job.

Needless death, so sad.

Last comment by: Randy Edwards @ 10/2/07, 2:17pm3 comments >> Link  

~September 15, 2007~
Neverending Story 'OJ' Rides Again at Palace Station/Vegas!
Posted by: saundrabeach

Posted: 2007-09-15 10:53:59
Filed Under: Crime News, Nation News, Sports News
LAS VEGAS (Sept. 15) - O.J. Simpson says he went into a casino hotel room only to retrieve memorabilia that he felt was stolen from him. But police are investigating it as an armed robbery and named the fallen football star as a suspect Friday in yet another surprising chapter to his legal saga.

Seth Browarnik, WireImage.com Las Vegas police on Friday named O.J. Simpson a suspect in a Thursday incident at a Palace Station casino hotel room. The incident was reported to police as an armed robbery involving sports memorabilia.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Simpson insisted there were...   (more)    

Last comment by: Larry Levy @ 9/18/07, 8:18am9 comments >> Link  

~September 12, 2007~
Re: Login bug and RRBBS Future
Posted by: saundrabeach

Larry, you have my email address as it is on here as well as anyone else you care to chat with. We will find a way to stay in touch.

If you find another board, let me know as I love to chat!

Any board you are on will be fun and worth my time!


Last comment by: Randy Edwards @ 10/19/07, 10:00pm21 comments >> Link  

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