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~January 16, 2004~
Dissin the Blogs
Posted by: Rob Reed

"Why I Fucking Hate the Blogs..."


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~December 16, 2003~
Ninth Circuit Rules in Favor of Medicinal Marijuana
Posted by: Rob Reed

Link posted at cyberatty.com:

Two California marijuana users, among a few "John Does," who use the marijuana for medicinal purposes filed for a preliminary injunction preventing John Ashcroft and crew from prosecuting them for their cultivation and usage of marijuana.

District court refused to grant the injunction. The two users and the Does appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals... the Ninth Circuit rules in favor of the users.


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~April 2, 2003~
Open Question
Posted by: VolodyAnarchist

The position of the United $tates gov't has been that the iraqi ppl should be surrendering to the american troops if they don't want to be dying in the war. My question is this:
How the fuck do you surrender to the cruse missles?

Disrespectfully anti-authoritarian:

VolodyA! V Anarhist

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~February 28, 2003~
German Lessons
Posted by: VolodyAnarchist

From the Editorial in the "Guardian",
Friday February 28, 2003


When America defeats its enemies, George W Bush
said in his speech on Iraq this week, it leaves
not occupying armies but democracy and liberty.
"There was a time," he went on, "when many said
that the cultures of Japan and Germany were incapable
of sustaining democratic values. Well, they were wrong."
In fact, it is Mr Bush who is wrong. Japanese men got
the vote in 1925, not in 1945, as the president implied.
And German men won the vote as far back as 1849, albeit
subject to a property qualification, at a time when Mr Bush's
country practised legalised slavery. Bearing in mind that
America only became a full...   (more)    

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~January 16, 2004~
Yahoo! sucks dirty socks
Posted by: VolodyAnarchist

Yahoo! (tm) has decided to delete my e-mail account. And the thing is that i'm not 100% sure why, what i'm sure of though is that all my stuff on there is gone and can't be retrieved. My suspision is that when i have opened a group for my university society (Peace Society) i've signed up many people to it who requested to be a part of the group in the beginning of the school year. But of course most of them have forgotten about that by now, and when they've started to receive e-mails they might have reported me as spammer.
So i'm looking for a different internet e-mail service now.

Free your mind and seek the truth.
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