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~April 27, 2005~
Idol - Good bye, Constantine
Posted by: Marie Reed

Okay, so Scott gets away with murder and gains another week! I just don't understand America. Even though Constantine was pretty bad last night, I still think that Scott should have gone first based on past performances.

Well, I must say that Constantine's stares at the camera creeped me out. So, from here on, I won't be creeped out anymore.

Good luck to Constantine. I'm sure that he'll either re-join his rock band or get a record deal, and he'll make something of himself. Idol was good exposure for him.

Now, when will Scott finally go??? Will he be the next American Idol? Over Bo? Over Carrie? Over Vonzell? And even...   (more)    

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~April 6, 2005~
Who's going tonight on Idol?
Posted by: Marie Reed

My bottom 3 picks:


What do you think?

Last comment by: Marie Reed @ 4/7/05, 6:40pm2 comments >> Link  

~November 16, 2004~
The Virgin Mary on a sandwich
Posted by: Marie Reed

What do you think? Do you think that the Virgin Mary would appear on a grilled cheese sandwich to be eaten? I shouldn't be mocking this, because I'm a Catholic girl, but this is ridiculous! But, you know... you really CAN see a woman's face.

I heard on the news tonight that the lady who made this sandwich put the sandwich up for auction on E-Bay. Would you buy it?

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~October 24, 2004~
The Wait
Posted by: Marie Reed

... is killing me! It is Sunday, 12:40 a.m., and Rob and I are watching Saturday Night Live with Jude Law and Ashley Simpson as guests. While Rob and I are laughling at the comedic acts of Jule Law, and watching Ashley's band screw-up her song as she started to lip sync to another one of her songs, in the back of our minds is "when will K have the baby already?"

Today, Sunday, marks exactly 1 week from the day K is due... October 31st -- Halloween! Rob and I have not bought candy for the little goblins and ghosts. But instead, I bought yarn to crochet my mind off the baby.

I woke-up early this...   (more)    

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~May 13, 2004~
My one-on-one experience
Posted by: Marie Reed

Today was my one-on-one meeting with Sherie. As Rob already said in his last post, it was painless. I talked about my childhood experiences, my relationship with my parents, how I handle losses, how Rob and I handle disagreements/arguments, religion ... etc.

What Rob and I have to do now is sit and think about who would take care of our baby if (GOD forbid) Rob and I die at the same time. OY! It's something that an average human being who have kids do not really think about.

Basically, the meeting went well, and Sherie commented about how Rob and I have a "strong support system." Inspite of the "losses" we have experienced thus far, we were...   (more)    

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~May 10, 2004~
One-on-one meeting with the Social Worker
Posted by: Marie Reed

After our meeting with the social worker, Sherie, she set another One-on-One meeting with me for Monday, 5/10/04 at 3:00 p.m. and Rob for Wednesday, 5/12/04 at 3:30 p.m. Rob and I have no idea what other questions she may ask, but Rob and I are ready to answer any question with full honesty and whatever we feel in out hearts.

Today was supposed to be my meeting the Sherie, but she called me this morning to re-schedule our appointment for Thursday, 5/13/04 at 11:00 a.m. She had warned me that she may have to cancel our initial appointment, as she's so busy. Truthfully, as ready as I was to meet with her today, I was relieved...   (more)    

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~May 4, 2004~
Re: Barbara Walters and Who Wants to Adopt A Baby?
Posted by: Marie Reed

Welcome, Dawn!

Thank you for giving your input regarding your experience with adoption. Rob and I need all the input we can get to help us through our adoption process with ease (hopefully), and to fill us with knowledge.

I'm happy that your adoption experience was a good one for you. Congratulations! I hope that Rob and I will be parents soon too.

Please keep us updated with you and your daughter, Madison.

One day, our daughter or son will be reading this, and this will let him/her know how much we had to do, how much we had to prepare and how much love we have to offer even before we he/she comes into our...   (more)    

Last comment by: AdoptBlog.com @ 5/6/04, 3:20pm7 comments >> Link  

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