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~June 11, 2007~
Re: The Finale of THE SOPRANOS
Posted by: Chris Reed

Let me tell you what I thought about the finale of "The Sopranos."

I think

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~June 7, 2007~
Hurt by Quack
Posted by: Chris Reed

Last night, my emotions were similar to the night when Reggie pummeled the Dodgers in ’78, the Lakers fell to the Pistons in the ’89 Finals or when Bush was re-elected. A big giant “no, this cannot be.” The Anaheim Ducks win the Stanley Cup.

The worst night in Los Angeles Kings history.

The very first post on letsgokings.com pretty much said it all… they will always have this on us.

Folks at the office here in Vegas couldn’t understand my sorrow, but they did as soon as I took advantage of the fact that many of them are East Coasters. I told the Yankee fans to imaging the Red Sox wining the World Series, and the Sox fans to picture another title for...   (more)    

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~May 10, 2007~
Namaste Notes
Posted by: Chris Reed

I know a lot of you are into "Lost" like I am...... (Don't read ahead if you didn't see this week's episode yet)

So do you think Locke is kaput? (Doubt it..... killing off a major character is one thing but to kill everyone's favorite?)

I figure in the last episode of the season he'll show up flying a Viper and say he knows the way to Earth ...

Ooops, wrong show.

Was the typical great Lost... A lot of answers and a lot of new questions. Like what is Richard's secret to youthful, healthy skin? Oil of Olay? Botox? Smoke monster treatments?

And if we didn't think Ben was evil enough already, now we know he was responsible for the death of every...   (more)    

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~May 10, 2007~
Re: idol down to three
Posted by: Chris Reed

Say what you will about this season - which I still assert is one of the better ones - but when we get down to just Melinda and Jordin, we'll have our best final since Ruben Studdard vs. Clay Aiken.

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~May 3, 2007~
Vegitarians Get Life in Prison
Posted by: Chris Reed

Here a story that is certainly open for discussion:

A couple have been convicted and will receive automatic life sentences for forcing a vegan diet of soy milk and apple juice on their baby, who died at six weeks weighing less than four pounds.


Would be interested to hear your takes on this, especially from the fellow parents and from my vegan friends.

My thought is as absolutely deplorable as these parents’ actions were, the life sentence seems a bit harsh. To me, a life sentence — and the death penalty for that matter — should be reserved for those who maliciously wanted to kill another human being.

I don’t get a sense that this couple wanted their baby to die. In their eyes,...   (more)    

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~September 14, 2006~
Stingrays! Everybody Panic!
Posted by: Chris Reed

We all knew after Steve Irwin's unfortunate and sad death that the media would quickly cover any Stingray attack like its the end of the World.

But I didn't think it would stoop this low:

Unclear if they were able to get the exclusive interview with the turtle afterwards..

I expect our local station here in Vegas to do team coverage the next time a scorpion stings a pigeon....

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~September 14, 2006~
Re: Olbermann on 9/11 Anniversary
Posted by: Chris Reed

>In spite of President Clinton’s
>statements to the contrary, it is well settled that we had the
>chance to get Bin Laden and did not. The recently aired
>docudrama is not the first time this has been depicted. As
>usual our government placed political appearances and
>questionable diplomatic alliances over protecting the American

Revisionist history without context.... That ABC special really was Kool Aid...

Saying Clinton could have gotten Bin Laden is akin to saying Reagan could have gotten Bin Laden, or Bush Sr. could have gotten Bin Laden.

And the fact that is being obscured by the Karl Rove smokescreen is this: Five years after 9/11, Bush has still not gotten Bin Laden ... and is barely trying to do so now.
No matter how much people may...   (more)    

Last comment by: Rob Reed @ 9/14/06, 12:36pm 6 comments >> Link  

~September 14, 2006~
Re: NFL Predictions
Posted by: Chris Reed

>I like your picks, other than I hope the Chargers win the west

It's only one week, but the Chargers certainly looked more impressive than the Broncos....
But then, if a Canadian Football League team played the Raiders, they would be impressive....

>I'd like to hear your college pick too.

How about this longshot? I think West Virginia is going to win the title...
Yes, they have an easier schedule than UC Davis... But you've got to love that QB/RB combo of White and Slanton.... Could be this year's Leinart and Bush... And remember that they returned most of their starters from the team last year that killed Georgia in the Sugar Bowl.

So with the weak schedule, how do the Mountaineers win the title?

First...   (more)    

Last comment by: Larry Levy @ 9/18/06, 9:07am23 comments >> Link  

~September 12, 2006~
Olbermann on 9/11 Anniversary
Posted by: Chris Reed

I've always been a big fan of Keith Olbermann, though I became a follower back in his KTLA and KCBS days doing sports in L.A. The best pre-game and post-game shows I ever saw were those he did during the Lakers’ championship runs of the late 80s.

Flash forward 20 years later and Olbermann has truly become our Edward R. Murrow, putting into prose courageous words that nevertheless speak the truth.

With that, here are his extraordinary words on the fifth anniversary of 9/11… Video is here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=6LylYbeLyMI

OLBERMANN: And lastly tonight, a special comment on why we are here. Half a lifetime ago I worked in the now empty space behind me. And for 40 days after the attacks, I...   (more)    

Last comment by: Rob Reed @ 9/14/06, 12:36pm 6 comments >> Link  

~September 7, 2006~
NFL Predictions
Posted by: Chris Reed

The NFL is a league of wild disparities.
Currently, there are teams like the Colts, Steelers, Seahawks, and Broncos who one could argue are not only among the elite in the league today, but are also arguably among the elite teams of all-time.
Then you have squads like the Texans, Titans, Raiders and 49ers that have no business being in the NFL with their current rosters. I would be all for English soccer-style relegation, sending the Texans and 49ers down to NCAA Division I and moving up USC and Ohio State.

With that, there are so many decent teams that predicting the course of this season’s winners is hard, and it’s just as easy to predict who will finish at the bottom.

Sounds like parity...   (more)    

Last comment by: Larry Levy @ 9/18/06, 9:07am23 comments >> Link  

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