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~August 16, 2006~
Did you say 12 planets?
Posted by: Chris Reed

On the surface, the tentative decision to name Ceres, Charon and Xena as planets (http://www.boston.com/news/science/articles/2006/08
) seems like we’re only talking about schematics, and not science.

Before we dismiss the importance of this move, think back for a second to when you first got interested in the stars and planets. When you were in first grade, walked into that small school library and immediately reached for those outdated books in the science section that said that someday, we would land a man on the Moon.

This is where the IAU decision could be the most damaging. The last thing we need to do is confuse the kids on this subject who we will need the most in the future, when we hopefully get...   (more)    

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~August 16, 2006~
Back in the Mode of Fear
Posted by: Chris Reed

We seemingly are back in that mode where every little disturbance means a "We're all about to die" terrorist attack.

Case in point was this morning’s diversion of a plane to Boston. (http://today.reuters.co.uk/news/articlenews.aspx?ty

The issue isn’t with the precautions taken when a passenger created a disturbance. The issue is how the Fox News and CNNs of the world immediately latched on to this as the start of another 9/11. This included a report that the passenger had “Vaseline, a screwdriver and a note from Al Qaida.”

Turned out the passenger had no such thing and was only having a claustrophobia breakdown.

We’re right back in that mode of fear.

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~July 12, 2006~
A small step for private spaceflight
Posted by: Chris Reed

If you haven't heard, it was a big day at my workplace. You see, Rob's bro happens to be the publicist for Bigelow Aerospace.

Today, we took a step towards making history, as our prototype spacecraft reached orbit and as of right now is working with flying colors! It's the privately funded spacecraft capable of carrying manned missions that has reached Earth orbit. This is the first mission of what we hope will be a road to a reality where people of all walks in life will live, and play, in space.

Needless to say, this has been a busy day for me and this is my first chance to take a breath.

Our story has been all over various media today and made...   (more)    

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~February 1, 2006~
End of the Telegraph
Posted by: Chris Reed

Another example of the march of technology...

After nearly 150 years, the last telegram has been sent...


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~January 27, 2006~
The Ultimate In-and-Out Burger
Posted by: Chris Reed

If you're in So Cal, you love those In and Out burgers....
You may or may not know about the "secret menu": Versions of the burger that aren't on the menu like the Animal, the flying dutchman, protein style and the 3X4 (3 meat, 4 cheese)..
Well, this blog details a valiant band of daredevils' attempt to order and eat the 100X100 (100 meat, 100 cheese).
It has to be seen to be believed...


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~January 26, 2006~
Hamas Takes Control of Palestine
Posted by: Chris Reed

So let me get this straight…..
One of the big reasons why the neocons wanted us to go into Iraq was because it would have a “domino effect” where peace-loving democracy would spread throughout the Middle East.
They said the moderates in Iran would overthrow the hard-line mullahs and the Israel-hating, terrorist elements would be droned out to non-existence in Palestine.

Nearly four years later, we now have a hard-liner elected president of Iran who is faithful to the mullahs and wants the destruction of Israel and America, and the nuclear weapons to do it. And we have Hamas now in full, elected control of Palestine.
Meanwhile, we’re still Iraq’s occupiers with more than a trillion tax dollars spent and no end in sight.

What was...   (more)    

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~December 17, 2005~
President Admits to Secret Spying on Americans
Posted by: Chris Reed

Today, the president admited to authorizing the secret, unauthorized spying on American citizens and then critizized those who opposed it.

I read one conservative poster on another board say:
Spy on me all you want, if it makes me .0001% safer I'll trade some privacy.

If that becomes the attitude of a majority of Americans, then our freedoms, our democracy will truly be at an end.

For years, we've heard conservatives and civil libertarians express their fears of a government entering every aspect of their lives. Worrying about the UN spying on them or sympathizing with the militia movement and their fears of the U.S. government spying on them.

Those fears were based on a fantasy and fear of what could be.

That fantasy has turned to...   (more)    

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~September 27, 2005~
Help Rob's Bro Help Kids
Posted by: Chris Reed

I am participating with my wife Felisa and son Dylan in this

Sunday’s 2005 CHOC Walk at Disneyland to help raise funds

for Children’s Hospital of Orange County....


You can sponsor Chris with any kind of monetary donation, whether its pennies or dollars, by clicking on the link below:


Click on “Sponsor a Walker.” My registrant ID is “DylanDad”

Thanks for your support!

and here's a little more info on CHOC...
Since 1964, CHOC has provided world-class medical care to children and families in Orange County and beyond. Quality medical services are available to all children, regardless of their family's ability to pay and over the last 14 years, the CHOC Walk has raised $6.5 million to help support...   (more)    

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~June 29, 2005~
Neocon Hypocracy
Posted by: Chris Reed

This post from an annonymous poster on Fark was so compelling, I figured I'd reproduce it here....



The practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess; falseness.


A person given to hypocrisy.


Neocons complain about the ten judicial nominations that the Democrats filibustered, but don't mention the 68 Clinton judicial nominations that they stalled while in commitee.

Neocons complain about activist judges then scream when their own activist judges don't get an easy ride through Congress.

Neocons believe that federal government should not intrude in the matters of state and local government, but thought that it was acceptable for Congress to undermine the Florida judiciary system in the Schiavo case.

Neocons believe that deficit spending...   (more)    

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