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~May 31, 2007~
Next Assignment: 15-40 (let's hammer Exodus out)
Posted by: Rob Reed

Ok, I finished up my notes on the first Exodus assignment...

Let's get a week and half to finish up Exodus... it really isn't as much as it seems, and it is some of the easiest reading as we move on to some more difficult stuff.

Deadline: June 11, 2007

Last comment by: Larry Levy @ 7/11/07, 9:00am5 comments >> Link  

~May 24, 2007~
Bible Study is Back: Exodus 1-14
Posted by: Rob Reed

Sorry for the delay with this... but let's continue on! We have a long weekend, so there is plenty of time to get through this initial part of exodus. PLUS, if you have seen the Ten Commandments, this will just be a refresher course. :)

Let's plan on finishing this portion by Monday, May 28, 2007. Who is with me?!?!?!? :)

If you don't have a Bible, you can find all of Exodus here:


Last comment by: saundrabeach @ 6/7/07, 5:40pm11 comments >> Link  

~March 19, 2007~
Posted by: RRBBS Bible Study Group

This is all about Donny Osmond... I mean Joseph. That guy with the "technicolor dreamcoat."

Go, go, go Joseph!

Deadline: March 26, 2007

When you're done (about 16 or so pages in my Bible... congrats! You have finished the first chapter of the Bible!)

Last comment by: diane De Han @ 5/15/07, 2:51pm9 comments >> Link  

~March 13, 2007~
Posted by: Rob Reed

If it is okay for everybody following the Bible Study, how about we extend the deadline for this portion to the 18th? As I am restarting the podcast and trying to do fantasy baseball related stuff (and with the new baby), I haven't gone through the new assignment.

Everybody okay with this? I'll probably post on this midweek... but, if you are not caught up, now is the time!

Last comment by: saundrabeach @ 3/19/07, 5:37pm 7 comments >> Link  

~March 5, 2007~
Posted by: Rob Reed

Congratulations! If you are reading this, and you have been following along, you are now about half way done with Genesis. See, that wasn't that hard! :)

In this next assignment, we get a look at Abraham's son Issac, his story, and his children Jacob and Esau. Jacob wrestles with God, and he gets a new name... but this blessed man Jacob is not all-righteous... he dupes his father into giving his older brother's inhertitance to him instead.

We end right before the introduction of Joseph, of technicolor dreamcoat fame. :)

Deadline: March 11, 2007

Last comment by: saundrabeach @ 3/19/07, 5:37pm 7 comments >> Link  

~March 3, 2007~
Good thoughts for my bro-in-law, please
Posted by: BestLight

Please hold my sister's husband, Gino, in your thoughts. He was hospitalized last week with Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

He was taken off the ventilator yesterday in favor of a tracheotomy tube. No sensation or control of arms, legs, speaking or breathing muscles. Recovery is said to be very long.

He's a police officer, only in his 30s. They have a 2-year old. Everyone is exhausted from the vigil, the chaos, and trying to keep up with regular life (providing meals, paying bills, doing laundry, etc).

Yet we are very blessed with a close family and many good friends helping.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Last comment by: saundrabeach @ 3/19/07, 5:01pm 16 comments >> Link  

~February 26, 2007~
Posted by: Rob Reed

Story of Abraham, covenant of circumcision, God's covenant with Abraham, the beginnings of Judaism and Islam, a story of incest, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, ending with the death of Abraham's wife.

All within an additional 16 or so pages. :)

Good stuff this week... Deadline: March 4, 2007

Last comment by: Marie Reed @ 3/7/07, 9:24am5 comments >> Link  

~February 19, 2007~
ASSIGNMENT 2: Genesis 6-11
Posted by: Rob Reed

The Great Flood through the Tower of Babel... some interesting stuff this week, including the covenant between God and Noah, the importance of rainbows, a curse which has been used as justification for racism and slavery, and what can happen when we get too big for our britches. :)

Deadline for completion: February 25, 2007

Last comment by: Larry Levy @ 2/26/07, 9:12am4 comments >> Link  

~February 19, 2007~
Interesting Posts
Posted by: Donna Leigh Scott

Rob: When you asked about the pain of childbirth occurring before, there was none before; it was only after the serpent that Eve became pregnant...but when you think of it, how can it not automatically be painful...think of expelling a watermelon through your nostril.

I have a question: In 1:26, God says, Let us make people." Who is "us"... which brings us to the question of where did all these folks come from; i.e., who is Cain's wife? I've heard it said that in that time people did intermarry as they would have to. But since they were perfect - Adam and Eve - to begin with, there would be no dire noodling with DNA to create...   (more)    

Last comment by: Rob Reed @ 2/26/07, 12:46pm26 comments >> Link  

~February 15, 2007~
The Bible Study How-To YouTube Video
Posted by: Rob Reed

Last comment by: Larry Levy @ 2/16/07, 8:44am2 comments >> Link  

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