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~April 25, 2007~
Re: It's A Boy!
Posted by: saundrabeach

Il n'ya pas de quoi, mi "niyo" :) Oh well When In California! lol

AND....Many Mooooore!

Last comment by: Larry Levy @ 4/26/07, 8:15am6 comments >> Link  

~April 12, 2007~
Re: Imus
Posted by: Larry Levy

Hi, Robert,

I agree with you.

What interests me about this is the indignation that both Sharpton and Jesse jackson have expressed. How quickly they forget their hurtful comments they once made about the Jewish community.

Last comment by: Robert Jones @ 4/14/07, 3:33am9 comments >> Link  

~November 18, 2006~
Re: Call me crazy, but...
Posted by: Larry Levy

Hard to feel "Christmasie" when its 89 degrees!!! :)

30's here in Bloomington.

Last comment by: Randy Edwards @ 11/19/06, 8:10am2 comments >> Link  

~June 29, 2005~
Re: Interesting entertainment and baseball tie-in...
Posted by: Larry Levy

> Wow...Next time I run into Pete Rose at my Beverly Hills
>Audi repair center, I WILL tell him.. Trust me he probably
>already knows. He gave me his autograph and was very nice
>actually. He was robbed.. Or, I easily forgave him, after
>all I forgave Bill Clinton...lol :) :)

Rose is no longer one of my favorite players, as he once was. I loved his effort and desire. What I cannot forgive was his years of lying about betting on baseball, but the main thing is, I believe he caused Commissioner Giamatti so much stress that it caused the heart attack that killed him.

Last comment by: Rob Reed @ 7/1/05, 3:38pm7 comments >> Link  

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